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At the 2015 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas last November, Cessna announced its new business jet project, the Cessna Citation Hemisphere. The newest member of the Cessna family, slated to fly in 2019, has the business jet industry abuzz with anticipation.

The Cessna Citation Hemisphere will have a range of 8,300 km and a maximum speed of Mach 0.9, making nonstop between London and Dubai or from Brazil to Miami, as well as across the Atlantic, within easy reach in a short amount of time. The jet is powered by a pair of Snecma Silvercrest turbofans, both producing around 7,000 lb thrust each.

The Hemisphere will be the largest stand-upcabin business jet in Cessna’s Citation family. While many of the aircraft’s specs have yet to be released, we do know that it has a 102-inch wide cabin with a capacity for 12 passengers. It is in line with the trend toward larger planes that can hold a meeting table and better communications equipment, making air travel more like having an office in the sky. Cessna chose to actively seek customer feedback from the interactive cabin concept that it displayed at the NBAA, adopting all the suggestions that will help create the best passenger experience possible for those aboard what will be a real showpiece in the Cessna fleet. Textron Aviation is currently exploring options for avionics for the Hemisphere, and the aircraft will also feature a new wing.

The Hemisphere will be the largest in a Citation sub-family of stand-up-cabin business jets that also includes the Latitude, which achieved FAA certification last June, and the Longitude, which was also given wide coverage at the Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. “Over the last 20 years customers in this segment have seen little innovation or investment in new products as their business needs and mission requirements have continued to evolve. The Citation Hemisphere is designed to transform this segment, offering customers the latest technology available and the widest cabin in its class," Textron Aviation CEO Scott Ernest said at the event. Ernest added that development of the Hemisphere came from listening closely to customer feedback. The market is eagerly awaiting the Hemisphere’s arrival on the scene.

The cost of the aircraft is projected to be around $35 million.


Range 航程Cruise speed 2 × Snecma Silvercrest turbofans银冠涡轮风扇喷气发动机8,334 km 千米0.9 Mach 马赫 凡是有助于创造更好的乘客体验的建议,赛斯纳都会采取。徳事隆航空公司目前正在为半球公务机寻找合适的航空电子设备和新的机翼。

半球将会是“站立舱”公务机子系列中最大的机型,同属这一系列的还有纬度公务机和经度公务机。赛斯纳纬度在去年六月份取得了联邦航空局证书;赛斯纳经度也在公务航空会展上受到了广泛的报道。徳事隆航空首席执行官Scott Ernest在发布会上表示:“在过去的20年间,客户们的商务需求和任务要求不断增加,而针对新产品的创新和投资却少得可怜。半球公务机正是想要改变这种现状,向客户提供最新的科技成就和同等级别中最宽敞的客舱体验……半球的研发与客户的反馈密不可分,公务机市场迫切需要半球公务机的出现。


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