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Designed with the philosophy to keep everything within arm’s reach for home buddies, the versatile Valcucine kitchens save chefs at home from the killjoy culinary chaos, all while being exquisite art pieces that bring the living space to life.

Valcucine’s Artematica kitchen system, for example, espouses a light but sturdy aluminum frame that not only enhances the durability of its movable parts, but it’s also a quality specifically designed to maximise flexibility without jeopardising aesthetics. Homeowners are free to mix and match a spectrum of materials – including coloured and wood laminates, lacquered MDF and glass – to craft a kitchen that best complements their personality.

With its revolutionary back station, Artematica’s New Logica system of 97cm deep accommodates with its jumbo drawers and wall units yet conceals everything from sizeable appliances down to small equipment like water taps and power sockets.

Also fitted with the New Logica system is Valcucine’s Genius Loci wall or island kitchen – both masteries of minimalism featuring two cutting-edge drawers: one projecting slightly outwards at its bottom to create a handle and the other aligning perfectly flush with kitchen doors, which are now customisable to a range of techniques such as inlaid wood or marble; finishes like copper or antique brass; as well as motifs or patterns on special side panels. The latest Genius Loci also houses new doors that seamlessly open upwards to offer the full 80cm depth of the base units; while the island version comprises a never-beforeseen shelf that could be used for storing utensils or for lighting the countertop during food preparation thanks to its two internal LED strip lights.



凭借其革命性的工作台, 97厘米深的Artematica新逻辑厨房的超大抽屉和挂墙组件可以容纳大型的家电,以及水龙头和电源插座等小型家居设备。

新逻辑厨房还配备Valcucine的Genius Loci挂墙或坐地橱柜,橱柜的抽屉以两种不同的版本制成:其一倾斜并稍微突起,备有凸显表面材料和手工艺加工的把手,另一版本则较极简化,与橱柜的门板齐平,质料可选择镶嵌木或大理石、铜或古董黄铜、以及特殊花纹或图案的侧板。最新的Genius Loci橱柜还设有新的柜门,底层抽屉深度达80厘米。坐地橱柜更具备从未见过的层架,可以用于收纳器皿,其内置的两颗LED照明灯为准备食物的您提供照明。

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