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十大拥有绝佳美景的餐厅A perfect meal is no longer just about our taste buds – equally important is a feast for the eyes, beyond the dish!

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Enjoying the enthralling view of the Victoria Harbour is Ritz Carlton Hong Kong’s Italian restaurant Tosca. As suggested by its name, the exquisite eatery is a reincarnation of the beloved opera, invoking the performance’s passion and enchantment through its opulent interiors and eyepopping vista. Equally Italian-like is the culinary team’s creative spirit: the venue serves enhanced Italian flavours with seasonal menus, which are made more interesting with guest chefs, with the most recent being Davide Scabin and Niko Romito.在香港丽思卡尔顿酒店的意大利餐厅Tosca,可以欣赏维多利亚港的迷人景致。一如其名,这家精致的餐厅展现著名歌剧院的面貌,通过其华丽的室内装饰和令人瞠目的景观激发起表演的热情和魅力。同样充满意大利特色的是烹饪团队的创新精神,餐厅以时令菜肴提升菜式的意大利风味,更邀请客座厨师增添生趣,包括最近的Davide Scabin和Niko Romito。

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