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Amplifying the lush interiors is the river view at Summer House Project, the sister restaurant of the critically acclaimed The Never Ending Summer. As boats traverse the slow waters beside you, revel in the venue’s top-rated dishes including The Fisherman’s Stew, Crab Cakes with slaw and Beer-bettered Fish and Chips, complete with signature desserts prepared by celebrity chef Phol Tantasathien.配合室内郁郁葱葱的装饰,著名The Never Ending Summer的姊妹餐厅Summer House Project临河而设,船在您身边的水域慢驶而过,让人陶醉在餐厅的顶级美食之中,包括渔夫烩海鲜、蟹饼配啤酒炸鱼薯条,再品尝一下名厨Phol Tantasathien的招牌甜点,划上一个完美的句号。

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