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Located on the 101st floor of International Commerce Centre (ICC) – the tallest building in Hong Kong thus far – The Sky Boss boasts an unparalleled view of the Pearl of the Orient at a vantage point where signs of the hectic metropolitan life shrink into miniature toy-like structures. Overseen by the same Michelin-star winning team behind the success of its sister restaurant The Central Boss, the restaurant serves a contemporary Chinese menu prepared with jet-fresh ingredients, featuring notable dishes such as foie gras fried rice and prawn paste fried chicken.位于香港目前最高的大楼环球贸易广场第101层, The Sky Boss坐拥一览东方之珠迷人景致的有利位置,从高空看下去,忙碌的都市生活浓缩成玩具一样的微型世界。由姊妹餐厅The Central Boss的幕后功臣、同一支米其林星级团队主理,该餐厅提供中国当代菜肴,采用新鲜入口的食材烹制而成,著名美食包括鹅肝炒饭和虾酱炒鸡肉。

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