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海瑞温斯顿PREMIER MOON PHASE 36MM PREMIER系列36毫米月相功能女装腕表

Harry Winston’s latest model is a microcosm of the celestial sky dotted with a mesmerising moon that appears to be travelling across the horizon before finding its way behind a white mother- of-pearl. Impressively, its lunar cycle, hours, minutes and date display are expertly powered by the HW5201 quartz movement exclusive to the brand and all enveloped in a 36mm 18k rose gold case. The moon’s journey is visible through a crescent-shaped opening, while hour and minutes are indicated by elegant, bevelled hands. The date, finally, shows up in an open circle bordered by yellow gold at six o’clock.

The magic, of course, lies in the dial, where two shades of mother- of-pearl were used: the first, a pure white, alludes to daylight; while the second, a pearl blue, recalls the deep blue of the evening sky. The gradient dial is dressed with gold cabochons minute markers, the iconic emerald-shaped logo at 12 o’clock, 18 brilliant- cut diamonds at six o’clock and 12 brilliant- cut diamonds circling the perimeter, serving as hour markers. Water resistant up to three bar, the timepiece wraps around the wrist in a white alligator leather strap.


两层珍珠母贝上下交叠,赋予表盘与众不同的优雅气韵。第一层珍珠母贝为无瑕白色,代表着日光;第二层为珠光蓝色,象征着深蓝的夜空。细腻幽微的拼镶表盘上点缀着金质圆拱型分钟刻度,12点钟位置更装饰有祖母绿造型的海瑞温斯顿品牌标志, 6点钟位置饰有18颗圆形明亮式切工钻石,与环绕在表盘外圈的12颗圆形明亮式切工钻石小时刻度相映生辉。防水深度达3巴,搭载白色鳄鱼皮表带。 Celebrating the collection’s 20th birthday is a new, contemporary interpretation featuring a hand-guilloché dial, ultra-thin case, and, continuing the L.U.C’S legacy, a small seconds at six o’clock. While 1860 refers to the date when Louis-ulysee Chopard founded his watch Manufacture, the supremely elegant L.U.C. 1860 was one of the pioneers in ultra-slim watches; and its refined finishing, beautiful dauphine-type hands and applied hour-markers are still celebrated features present in Chopard’s latest model, making it an essential wardrobe item. Measuring 40mm and dressed with ergonomic lugs for the smaller wrists, the timepiece comes in an 18ct rose gold case and is produced only in a 100-piece limited series.为纪念L.U.C 1860腕表推出20周年,全新的萧邦L.U.C XPS 1860腕表表盘饰以手工扭索纹饰,配置极为纤薄的表壳,并于6点钟位置设小秒针。1860年,路易-于利斯•萧邦创立其钟表工坊。当时, L.U.C 1860是一款前卫的超薄腕表,优雅至极。L.U.C XPS 1860腕表配备装饰考究的表壳,充满现代感的太子妃指针及优雅的立体镶贴时标,可谓此历史表款的匠心演绎,被懂得享受之人视作衣橱必备之物。其直径为40毫米,并采用符合人体工学设计的短小表耳设计,即便最纤小的手腕亦可贴合无间。L.U.C XPS 1860腕表亦配备18K玫瑰金表壳款式,限量发行100枚。

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