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Celebrating the 60th birthday of the Ladybird is a 60-piece limited edition boasting a dial graced with luminous contrasts, an elaborate foliage motif, a bezel set with 32 diamonds, a dial swept over by drop-shaped hands in a 21.50mm white gold case and a strap exclusively crafted from the small scales of Louisiana crocodile leather. When the Ladybird was first launched in 1956, it was equipped with the smallest round movement on the market, in an era when dainty sizes were popular in the market. It’s no wonder its successors need to work extra hard to impress.为庆祝贵妇鸟腕表问世六十周年,宝珀推出限量发行60枚的周年纪念版,表盘采用对比鲜明的亮纹装饰,造型有如层层精致的树叶。表圈上镶有32颗璀璨美钻,腕表配备直径仅为21.50毫米的白金表壳,表带更特别采用路易斯安娜鳄鱼皮制作。1956年宝珀贵妇鸟腕表华丽诞生,当时,小巧玲珑的腕表风靡,搭载了当时市面上尺寸最小的圆形机芯的宝珀贵妇鸟腕表受到极大追捧,难怪它的后继者需要加倍努力来推陈出新。

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