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Tipping its hat to the enchanting animal, Ulysse Nardin makes 28 pieces featuring hand- carved horse Jaquemarts on a genuine black onyx dial: interestingly, the Hourstriker Horse plays on hour and half hours, on demand or can be set to “gong” the time in passing. Every time the hammer hits the gong, the horse Jaquemarts perform in concert. Positioned between 10 and 12 o’clock, and one and three o’clock, the horse Jaquemarts portray two stances: in one, the horse is fearful and is prepared to flee while the other is racing with purpose. Both animals, however, stuns with chiselled muscles, pronounced facial features and long and voluminous mane and tail.

Set within a 42mm round case, the watch is self-winding, can run up to 42 hours and is water resistant to 30 metres. Its cover is sapphire crystal – a material that is anti-reflective, highly durable and scratch resistant. Its case back, meanwhile, is also made of sapphire crystal for protection and visibility.

瑞士雅典表特别推出以马为主题的《驰骋》限量单问报时表,制作28枚18K玫瑰金或铂金表款,每个款式的黑缟玛瑙表盘都有手工雕琢的活动偶,非常珍贵。《驰骋》限量单问报时表搭载自动上链机芯,腕表会在跨越整点和半点自鸣报时,亦可根据喜好作出报时。每到整点,活动偶会随着每次打簧声同步律动。两只马匹分别在11点以及 2点之间亮相。左面的马匹正在起步双蹄扬空,预备奔向无垠的未来;而右面的马匹定定奔向已知的目标,不再为身旁的景色左右。两匹马以浮雕展现栩栩如生的美感,轮廓分明的肌理、细微的面部表情、以及长而浓密的鬃毛和尾巴清晰可见。

腕表拥有42毫米圆形表壳,实用且富艺术感。搭载自动上链机芯,动力储存约42小时,防水达30米,表面配上防眩蓝宝石水晶玻璃,非常耐用兼且防刮。腕表表背也使用蓝宝石水晶玻璃,保护其复杂的内部运作,同时方便观赏机芯律动。 Featuring the Graff Calibre 7 – the new and exclusive proprietary movement with a depth of just 7.72mm – The Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar impresses with an intricate openwork dial that shows off the day, date and month, which appear in a fluid horizontal line while a specially formulated resin positioned around and above the date has been treated to give it a translucent appearance. The two discs indicating the days and months are crafted using a highly complex scientific electroforming process, which creates the matter for the discs, resulting in a mesmerising skeletonised effect.

Also new to Graff is a tourbillon cage that completes one revolution in precisely 60 seconds and has three icon-inspired spokes with the inverted icon motif on one tip indicating the second hand.

Aside from signature features like a striking faceted bezel, an icon at 12 o’clock and a diamond-set crown, its 22 carat gold, offset rotor has also been skilfully integrated into the calibre and can be clearly viewed on the reverse of the watch. The Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar runs up to 42 hours and is adorned with an alligator leather strap.

MASTERGRAFF万年历腕表搭载品牌独家研发、厚度只有7.72毫米的全新GRAFF Calibre 7机芯。精雕细琢的镂空表盘设有复杂精密的万年历,星期、日期与月份显示连成一线,简约流丽。日期四周和上方的合成树脂经过特别处理,呈半透明,腕表的内部组件若隐若现,效果慑人。星期和月份显示以复杂的科学电铸工序匠心制成,呈现迷人的镂空效果,巧夺天工。



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