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Breguet enhances its women’s timepieces with a watch of timeless elegance: not only do the watch’s pure lines faithfully reproduce the hallmarks that have ensured the success of the brand for the past 240 years, the white-gold watch of 30mm features exquisitely fluted sides as well as a dial in white “grand feu” enamel and dressed with Arabic numerals born from Breguet in 1783. The minutes track, made up of tiny stars, together with stylised fleurs- de-lys for the five-minute fractions are another homage to the Breguet watchmaking tradition. The blue-steel hours and minutes hands, meanwhile, are inspired by the open-tipped hands also invented by the brand in 1783 and now complements the enamel dial perfectly alongside a small-seconds hand and a moonphase aperture at 6 o’clock.以Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088,宝玑为经典优雅的女士腕表系列再添一员。其简洁线条再现品牌的印记并确认了其240年的辉煌成就。这款直径30毫米的白金腕表,优雅朴实,带精细表框坑纹并配以白色“大明火”珐琅表盘。表盘饰以阿拉伯数字时符,即品牌创始人于1783年所设计的“宝玑数字” ,分圈轨以小星分钟刻度及可爱的百合花五分钟刻度组成,向宝玑制表传统致意。Classique Phase de Lune Dame 9088腕表的蓝钢时、分指针的设计灵感源于1783年发明、著名的针尖镂空宝玑指针,其全新的设计与珐琅表盘完美配合。小秒针及月相盈亏显示窗位于6时位。

Designed to meet the demands of air forces operating in warm countries, the sand- coloured BR Desert Type collection is military by nature. With aims to illustrate the four central pillars behind the brand – legibility, functionality, precision and water resistance – the black ceramic case fits climates of high temperatures, acidic conditions, corrosion and erosion. The chronographs of 42mm, 39mm and a quartz in the latter size are water resistant up to 100 metres and wraps around the wrist with a beige calfskin strap made of ultraresistant synthetic fabric. BR 03 Desert Type是按照空军在热带地区的装备规格而设计。因此,它采用沙漠地区执行任务的飞行员的军装一样的砂土颜色。它完美地演绎了柏莱士的四大基本原则:可读性、功能性、精准性和防水性。选用陶瓷作为这款全新计时码表黑色表壳的制作材料,可耐受极高温、酸、腐蚀和侵蚀。全新Desert Type提供42毫米和39毫米三种表款,并各自配备适用瑞士机芯,具备100米的防水深度。表带是米色小牛皮和超耐磨织物。 Staying true to its aviation roots, Breitling debuts a timepiece in light, ultrasturdy titanium – a favourite metal in the field – in 45mm. Veiling its dial in grey with tone- on-tone counters accentuated by a finely snailed raised motif, the watch features vigorous aviation-inspired stencil-type numerals, with a luminescent coating ensuring excellent visibility further enhanced by the thick sapphire crystal glareproofed on both sides. The bezel, also dressed with engraved stencil-type numerals, is complemented by its four rider tabs classic to Breitling, while the non-slip grip of the screw-locked crown and the chronograph pushpieces ensure optimal handling, even with aviator gloves. Water resistant to 300m, the watch beats to a selfwinding chronograph movement, the Breitling Caliber 13.百年灵新款腕表表壳采用在航空航天领域中备受青睐的钛金属打造而成,质地轻盈坚固,表壳直径为45毫米。表盘的显著特征是采用灰色色调及同色系累积计时器,饰以精巧的蜗形浮雕;表盘上镶嵌劲酷动感的航空模制数字时标,并附以夜光涂层,搭配经双面防眩处理的厚实蓝宝石表镜,确保绝佳的易读性。表圈上同样镌刻航空模制数字时标,并饰有百年灵经典标志之一的4枚表圈指示器。腕表采用防滑旋入式表冠及计时按钮,确保佩戴手套时亦可操控自如。这枚新款腕表搭载百年灵13 型自动上弦计时机芯,防水性能可达300米。 Boasting open-worked, ultra-thin movements, Corum’s Bubble High Jewellery Skeleton collection dazzles with rubies, blue sapphires and black sapphires in tribute to its original version made in the year 2000. Each are fitted with baguette- cut diamonds and gemstone hour markers – all set by hand in processes lasting hundreds of hours long. Housing the sparkly masterpiece is an imposing white gold case, a dial set with 131 brilliant- cut diamonds and a bezel adorned with 42 more. Aside from the aesthetics, the CO 055 calibre is positioned slightly off- centred to keep the quirky spirit of the Bubble.为了庆祝2000年面世的品牌经典Bubble泡泡腕表荣耀回归,昆仑表特别推出三款Bubble High Jewellery Skeleton高级珠宝镂空腕表,超薄镂空机芯镶嵌红宝石、蓝宝石、黑刚玉等各色华丽宝石,美不胜收。仅有三款的单件定制腕表每只都以手工镶嵌长方形钻石与宝石时标,数百个小时的精细镶工造就了与众不同的时计杰作。白金表壳气派十足,每只腕表的表盘均镶嵌131颗圆钻,加之以表圈上的42颗圆钻,华贵无比。炫目的镶钻表盘下方配置了CO 055机芯,承袭了Bubble泡泡腕表一贯的奇巧意趣。

Harking back to yesteryears when Pierre Jaquet-droz invented his Grande Seconde of two barely superimposed dials, Jaquet Droz’s latest invention is simple yet stylish. The 43mm stainless steel Grande Second Off- Centered Onyx features a second dial in 18- carat white gold off- centered at seven o’clock rather than the original at six o’clock; while an onyx disc has been painstakingly cut and polished to form the dial – its deep black harbouring an extraordinary intensity. Aside from dials that make up a delicate figure eight, a winding stem is cleverly positioned at four o’clock for some unconventional chic.缟玛瑙偏心大秒针腕表的原型是皮埃尔·雅克德罗创制的大秒针,两个上下交叠的表盘,简单而优雅时尚。这款43毫米的精钢表壳,搭载18K白金内盘环,秒针盘稍稍偏移至7点钟位置,而非一般的6点钟位置。表盘采用经精心切割和抛光的缟玛瑙,深邃而浓烈的黑色,深幽莫测,神秘迷人。表盘两个圆圈交合成数字8的形状,表冠移至4点钟位置,为此全新时计典范增添一丝活力。

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