英国房产市场中来自亚洲的投资者增加Select Property Group looks at how to maximise profit from current market trends .

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UK property has always been a safehaven for overseas investors. As storm clouds – in the shape of cooling measures, Chinese slowdowns and further Fed hikes – continue to gather around the traditional investment routes in Southeast Asia, the sheltered UK is looking particularly appealing.

Leading UK property investment specialist Select Property Group has reported an 835% increase in investors from Southeast Asia buying UK property recently, prompting the Group to open an office in Singapore in 2015. And before you seek the familiar safety of London, perhaps you should listen to the experts' words of warning.

London is no longer the most buoyant market. Increased taxes have added £32,782.80 to the average cost of London property: values in some of the most exclusive addresses have dropped by 40% and yield growth has stalled. In fact, yields can now be 200% higher outside of London.

The north-west city of Manchester is fast becoming as famous for its investment as it is for football, topping various leagues and indexes over the past 12 months. HSBC named it the place with the highest property yields in the UK.

And according to Select Property Group, the secret to Manchester's success is its young demographic. Its universities and booming economy means 60% more 25- to 29-year-olds live there than the UK average, making it UK'S capital of tenants with 85% of people in the city centre seeking rented accommodation.

英国房产一直都是海外投资者的安全港湾。东南亚传统的投资路线前景不明朗、降温政策施行、中国增速放缓、美联储进一步加息,受到政策保护的英国看起来格外具有吸引力。领先的英国房产投资专家Select Property Group指出,近期在英国房产购买者中,来自东南亚的投资者增加了835%,这促使该集团于2015年在新加坡开设了分公司。而在传统上认为安全的伦敦房产进行投资之前,应该先听一听专家的忠告。伦敦不再是最为活跃的市场。税额增加导致伦敦房产的平均成本增加32,782.80英镑,一些最为奢华地段的房产价值已经降低40%,收益率停滞不前。事实上,伦敦以外地区的收益率现在已经可以高出200%。


根据Select Property Group的报告,曼彻斯特成功的秘密在于这里年轻的人口。由于各所大学的设立以及经济的繁荣发展,导致城市的居住人口中25岁至29岁的年龄段比起英国的平均比例高出60%以上。市中心85%的人都在寻求租房,曼彻斯特因此成为了英国租房市场的中心。

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