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The Spike S-512 is a projected supersonic business designed by Spike Aerospace, an American aerospace manufacturer based in Boston. When it comes to fruition, the aircraft will allow for long flights from city pairs such as New York City and London to be achieved in three or four hours, instead of the usual six or seven.

The Spike S-512 has a capacity for 18 passengers. It has no windows, but is instead equipped with tiny cameras along the fuselage that connect with curved displays spanning the interior walls of the fuselage. These displays can show any view the passenger wishes, be it the real-time aircraft surroundings or a favorite movie, all managed from a control pad or mobile device. The cabin is equipped with bespoke leather seating, higher oxygen levels, a remarkably silent environment, and high speed wireless internet connectivity. Cabin noise has been reduced by 20 db in the Spike S-512, creating a pleasant, relaxing environment for long-haul flights.

The Spike S-512 is 37 meters long and has a wingspan of 18 meters. It is powered by two engines with an engine thrust of 88.9 kn. Its cruise speed is Mach 1.6, and its maximum speed Mach 1.8. Its supersonic cruising altitude is 15,240 meters, and its subsonic cruising altitude 12,192 meters. The aircraft’s supersonic capacity allows for savings of 3.4 hours when flying between Dubai and Singapore, and 6.5 hours when flying between Dubai and New York. Passengers flying from New Delhi can save 4.7 hours when flying to Johannesburg, 2.3 hours when flying to Seoul, and 4 hours when traveling to London.

The Spike S-512 has mastered the perennial problem encountered by supersonic travel, that of the disturbing noise of the sonic boom, through its Quiet Supersonic Flight Technology. This makes the Spike S-512 the only aircraft in active development that can fly between any city pairings without the sonic boom, which is prohibited around the world. This allows owners and operators to give full play to the Spike S-512’s supersonic capabilities. Whether over land or water, this aircraft will cut travel times in half.

With attention paid to new technology that allows the full use of supersonic flight, coupled with an eye for the luxury details traditionally connected with supersonic travel, the Spike S-512 points the way for the future of aviation.

SSpike S-512是美国波士顿Spike宇航公司设计的一款超音速公务机。该机成功生产后,能够完成纽约至伦敦等城市间的长途飞行,并可将飞行时间控制在34至 小时内,而其他飞机通常需要67或 小时。Spike S-512能够搭载18位旅客。该机型没有舷窗,取而代之的是沿机身分布的微型摄像机,与座舱内部舱壁的曲面屏幕连接。这些显示器能够展示旅客希望任何内容,包括机外环境和电影,通过遥控器即可管理。座舱采用了定制真皮座椅,氧气量更高,令人印象深刻的安静环境,以及高速国际互联网接入。Spike S-512的客舱噪音已降至20分贝,打造了一个舒适放松的长途飞行环境。

Spike S-512长37米,翼展18米,由两台88.9kn的发动机提供动力。其巡航速度为1.6马赫,最大速度1.8马赫。其超音速巡航高度为15240米,亚音速巡航高度为12192米。该机型的超音速巡航能力能够将迪拜到新加坡的飞行时间锁单3.4小时,将迪拜到纽约的飞行时间缩短6.5小时。旅客从新德里飞约翰内斯堡可节省4.7小时,飞首尔可节省2.3小时,飞伦敦可节省4小时。

通过安静超音速飞行科技, Spike S-512已经解决了超音速旅行常见的音障噪音问题。这使得Spike S-512成为目前唯一在研发的能够避免音爆完成长途飞行的机型,目前音爆在世界各地都是禁止的。这样,机主和运营商就可以完全使用Spike S-512的超音速能力了。无论在陆上还是水上,该机型都能将飞行时间减半。

Spike S-512凭借超音速飞行无限制使用的全新科技,加之与超音速旅行相关的奢华细节设计,必将引领未来航空业。

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