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Estella Niem, Laetitia Yu, Sue-lynn Hwa and Yvette Yung were one of the few ladies to join Mikimoto late April to celebrate the launch of The Pearl Necklace in Hong Kong. Besides a “pearl-sonalise” photo booth, the event also featured some unique pearl jewelry pieces like the Marilyn Monroe Pearl Necklace, which was once owned and worn by the Hollywood icon herself.

Mikimoto于四月底在香港推出新款珍珠项链, Estella Niem、余洁蕙、Sue-lynn Hwa 和荣文蔚等名媛同场到贺。除了“个人化珍珠”照相亭外,活动还展出了一些珍贵独特的珍珠首饰,包括好莱坞女神玛丽莲•梦露曾经拥有和配戴的珍珠项链。

01 Models showing off Mikimoto pearls 02 Marilyn Monroe Necklace 03 Yvette Yung and Andrew Pong with the models 04 Lorretta Chow 05 Estella Niem and Laetitia Yu 06 Chitra Chellaram and Manolo Chellaram 07 Sue-lynn Hwa 08 Ming Ho-tang and Michelle...

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