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ASBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business and general aviation held its inaugural, CEO’S Roundtable Luncheon at the historic venue, the Hong Kong Club in Central, Hong Kong. As an historical note: The Hong Kong Club was used as a “Taipans’ Club” for the convenience of, and as a meeting place for, the heads of the large “hongs” that existed in the Colony.

It was therefore poignant to hold ASBAA’S first luncheon for the leaders of the Hong Kong Business Aviation Industry at this venue. This event marks the start of an official collaborative platform for Asian business aviation leaders to come together through ASBAA to discuss issues affecting the future of the industry in Asia and will soon be rolled out to other major cities across the region.

ASBAA leaders welcomed VIPS: Mr. David Tong, Director of Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons Limited, and Mr. Chris Chalk, Vice Chairman of the British Aviation Group and Mott Macdonald’s Aviation Practice Leader, the keynote speaker. Topics of discussion at the event included: the history of aviation in the region, future industry insights, market forces, automation and its continued disruption and threats to the industry such as its public perception.

Mr. Chris Chalk, Vice Chairman of the British Aviation Group delivered an insightful presentation in which he talked about how the advancements to technology will affect aviation. He shared his views on the opportunities and challenges of smart airports and of achieving intelligent mobility with autonomous vehicles, big data and artificial intelligence. He also commented on some of the equipment solutions his company has developed to protect aircraft assets from climate conditions.

ASBAA Chairman Charlie Mularski and keynote speaker Chris Chalk, commented “As leaders, it is important to come together and tackle issues with viable solutions to secure the industry’s future for the next generation of aviators. The introduction of the CEO Luncheon Series to ASBAA’S growing programme of community focussed events is a strategic move under one of our three mission pillars, Community (Representation and Advocacy). This, along with other community events is about creating value for our members to engage, share best practices, network and create opportunities for new business and ideas for the good of our industry in Asia”.

Marwan Abdel-khalek, CEO and Founder of Gama Group Ltd spoke at the event of the importance of cooperation between industry bodies. As the Chairman of BBGA EBAA board member, he highlighted the value of sharing best practice, particularly in relation to government liaison and lobbying work, welcoming closer collaboration between ASBAA, EBAA and NBAA to jointly promote and protect the industry. Marwan also commented that the public perception of the business aviation industry in Europe and Middle East has shifted and there is now a greater understanding and awareness of the positive economic impact that private jet users bring to cities – creating jobs which leads to further growth, investment and development for the wider economy.

Mularski concluded, “Within the ASBAA membership there is an enormous amount of talent and experience.the value of this to the industry and regulators is the access to an unlimited pool of expertise on which to call upon for advice, introductions, problem solving and honest opinions. Within our membership an individual or a Corporation could be the creator of the next big disruptive product or service for our exciting and dynamic sector. Through ASBAA’S series of Community events, we can explore these ideas and nurture talent in the industry whilst securing recognition for business and general aviation in Asia. We thank our distinguished guests for attending the inaugural CEO Luncheon Series and look forward to the next one.”

亚洲地区非盈利性商务航空制造贸易运营商的代表亚洲商务航空协会( ASBAA)在香港中环历史悠久的香港会所大厦举行了首届执行总裁圆桌午餐会。香港会前身为“大班俱乐部”,是殖民地时期各洋行大班们举办会议的社交场地。因此,协会首届执行总裁圆桌午餐会特选此地举办。此活动标志着商务航空业的领导人正式通过亚洲商务航空协会联谊平台进行合作,讨论影响亚洲航空业未来发展问题,探索行业共赢合作,此活动将持续延续到亚洲其他国家和地区。

协会负责人致辞欢迎所有参会企业会员,包括特邀嘉宾嘉道理父子有限公司( Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons Limited)董事David Tong先生,英国航空集团的副主席,兼任莫特•麦克唐纳航空( Mott Macdonald's Aviation)的实践领导者Chris Chalk先生作为演讲嘉宾。 讨论会议题包括:本地区航空业历史沿革、洞悉行业未来发展及市场潜力,信息自动化,持续存在的干扰因素和行业挑战,如公众认知度等。

英国航空集团副主席Chris Chalk为与会者做了一场富有洞察力的演讲,他谈到了物联网的进步将如何影响航空业,并分享了关于智能机场面临的机遇和挑战的看法,以及在自动驾驶汽车、大数据和人工智能方面实现智能移动的观点。他还介绍了其公司为保护飞机资产免受气候变化影响,通过开发系技术列设备的解决方案。

协会主席Charlie Mularski先生发言道:“作为(航空业)领导者,重要的是团结起来解决问题,为下一代航空从业员的未来发展提供保障。协会三大主要任务之一是(航空)社区交流,举办执行总裁联谊会是为了(相互交流)团结行业力量,实现区域增长的一项战略举措。联谊会通过与其他社区活动一起,为会员创造参与价值,分享最佳实践,建立社交网络,开发新商机,为亚洲地区的航空行业发展出谋划策。

英国Gama集团( Gama Group Ltd)的执行总裁和创始人Marwan abdel khalek先生会上谈到了行业机构合作的重要性。作为英国通用与商务航空协会( BBGA),欧洲商务航空协会( EBAA)董事会成员,他强调了分享最佳操做的借鉴,特别是在与政府联络和游说沟通工作,期待亚洲商务航空协会ASBAA、欧洲商务航空协会EBAA和美国公务航空协会NBAA更紧密的合作,以共同促进和保护该行业的发展。Marwan还评论说,在欧洲和中东地区,公众对商务航空的认知已经发生了变化,现在人们对私人飞机有了更广泛的了解和认识,并积极影响城市经济发展,即创造就业机会,促进投资增长和发展。

Mularski总结道:“在亚洲商务航空协会( ASBAA)会员中,有大量的人才和经验。整个行业及其管理者将会从中获得无限的专业知识,用来寻求建议,获取介绍,解决问题。我们的个人会员或企业会员都有可能成为下一代颠覆性产品或服务的创造者。通过协会的一系列公众活动,我们可以探索新想法,发现业界人才,使商务航空在亚洲地区,获得(大众)正确的认知。我们非常感谢各位嘉宾出席首届执行总裁午餐会,并期待下一次的协会活动。

ASBAA Chairman Charlie Mularski and keynote speaker Chris Chalk

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