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Imagine the vehicle of the future. What springs to mind? Most probably a hovering car with sleek lines, zipping through the air like a scene from Bladerunner or Futurama. If you think this is impossible, you haven’t seen Lazzarini design studio’s Hover Coupé – a flying car concept influenced by iconic Italian car brand Isotta Fraschini. The brainchild of Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Hover Coupé is a striking mix of retro aesthetics and futuristic technology. But is it really the car of the future?

The two-person Hover Coupé measures 4.5 meters in length – roughly the same size as a compact car. While it may look confusingly advanced, its mode of propulsion is very simple. It turns by releasing the air from inside its turbines, and the position of its jet engines offers the same easy maneuverability of a drone. For stabilization as it flies, the Hover Coupé is fitted with adjustable flaps below the chassis. As the Lazzarini studio explains, these jets allow the craft to reach speeds of over 550 km/h (342 mph).

But while you might be thinking ‘Sign me up!’ it’s probably best not to get too excited just yet. Like the flying cars in books and movies, the Hover Coupé looks set to remain imaginary – for now, at least. Practical science hasn’t quite caught up with science fiction, where hover cars employ repulsion technology to exploit the short range anti-gravity principle and eliminate the friction that works against conventional vehicles, keeping them on the ground. However, the Italian studio’s renderings may just inspire other designers and technicians to blaze a trail, and make flying to the office a reality.

当你设想一下未来的交通工具时,头脑中会涌现出何种画面?大部分可能是线条流畅的飞行汽车,就像《银翼杀手》( Bladerunner)或者《飞出个未来》( Futurama)中的场景那样,在空中来回穿梭。如果您认为这是天方夜谭,那是因为您还没有看到Lazzarini设计工作室推出的Hover Coupé飞行汽车——这是一款受偶像级意大利汽车品牌伊索塔·弗拉西尼( Isotta Fraschini)影响的飞行概念车。作为意大利设计师Pierpaolo Lazzarini的烧脑创意, Hover Coupé融合了复古美学与未来派技术,令人印象深刻。但它真的会是未来汽车吗?

双人座Hover Coupé飞行汽车的长度为4.5米—— 相当于紧凑型车尺寸。虽然可能看起来十分先进,但其推进方式却非常简单。它通过释放来自涡轮机内部的空气而转动,其喷气发动机的位置提供了与无人机相同的轻 松操纵性。为了实现平稳飞行, Hover Coupé在底盘下方安装了可调节襟翼。Lazzarini工作室解释说,喷气发动机能够让该飞行汽车的速度超过550千米/小时( 342英里/小时)。

虽然您可能正想着:“给我也来一辆!”但现在最好还是不要过于激动。与书籍及电影中的飞行汽车一样, Hover Coupé仍停留在想象阶段——至少目前是这样的。实践科学在很大程度上还未赶上科幻的步伐,在科幻作品中,飞行汽车采用斥力技术,以利用短程反重力原理,并消除了传统车辆的摩擦力,从而飞行于地面之上。但是,这家意大利工作室的渲染图可能会给其他设计师与技术人员带来灵感,并为其开拓道路,进而让飞行上班成为现实。

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