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In mid December, Airbus Helicopters have gone a step further in the experimentation of its “Project Eagle”, with the in-flight validation of the innovative on-board image processing system.

Performed on an H225 flying testbed, the trials have demonstrated the system’s ability to select a small ground “target” from ranges of up to 2 miles and to automatically track it during the approach performed by the pilot. The next steps of the testing campaign will focus on coupling Eagle with the automatic flight control system to fully automatise the approach to a selected landing area, thus improving the crew’s situation awareness and reducing the pilot’s workload. The system is designed to be integrated on a variety of existing and future Airbus vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles.


此类试验基于H225飞行试验台实施,展示了该系统从最远3.2公里的范围内选择一个小型地面“目标”,并在飞行员操作直升机期间持续追踪该目标的能力。在下一阶段的飞行试验中, Eagle系统将连接自动飞行控制系统,完全自动化进入选定着陆区域,提高机组的态势感知,减少飞行员的工作量。该系统旨在与现有及未来的一系列空客垂直起降( VTOL)交通工具相集成。

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