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Though better known for its accessories, the French fashion house also has a knack for home-ware. An impressive collection of late is its wallpapers, which are split into five designs: Les Carreaux which harks back to toys and crayons; Milleraies made with ribbed fabric; Mille Jeux mimicking a board game table; Les Cabanes composing coloured huts; and Briques stamped with multiple H’s to create the appearance of a brick wall.虽然这个法国时尚品牌一向以其配饰而闻名,但其家居用品同样不同凡响,今年尤其出色的是其壁纸系列。该壁纸系列分为五个设计: Les Carreaux以勾起童年回忆的玩具和蜡笔为图案; Milleraies采用罗纹织物; Mille Jeux模仿棋盘游戏桌; Les Cabanes拼凑出彩色小屋;而Briques用多个H字母创造出砖墙的外观,每一款都带来意想不到的惊喜。

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