挑战天空极限: 欢迎光临ABACE 2018盛会,探索行业潜力


Jet Asia Pacific - - Showtime - Text by Shelly Bryant

Hailed as the number one show for business aviation in Asia, the 2018 edition of the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) will be held at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport from April 17th to 19th this year. Gathering major names from across the aviation sector, the event is partnered by the Shanghai Airport Authority (SAA), and co-hosted by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the Asian Business Aviation Association (ASBAA).

Since its launch in 2012, ABACE has proven to be a highvalue event not just in China but the region more widely, attracting entrepreneurs, aircraft-purchase decision makers, wealth creators, and other high-level attendees. In recent years, the event has rapidly grown to over 8,000 attendees from 51 countries around the world, with 165 exhibitors, 30 aircraft on static display, and more than 500 media representatives.

Major government and industry figures are also key participants each year. ABACE2016 welcomed Dr Fang Liu, ICAO Secretary General, to give the keynote address, while ABACE2013 featured Gary Locke, U.S. ambassador to China, and Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez, president of the council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). ABACE2012 included a presentation from John D. Porcari, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

This year’s event will run from Tuesday, April 17th to Thursday April 19th at the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre at Hongqiao Airport, and promises to be equally valuable and inspiring. Hundreds of exhibitors will gather to showcase their latest products and services, offering attendees a chance for some critical face-time with new and existing vendors. A series of static displays featuring a wide range of aircraft offer a convenient side-by-side comparison of business airplanes, while meetings can be held with exhibitors in the adjacent chalets.

There will be plenty of opportunities for networking as well, as thousands of business aviation professionals gather under one roof. Attendees will be able to meet with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, wealth creators, and other high-level delegates from China and across Asia, to exchange knowledge and best practices. There are over ten high-quality education sessions on offer as well, covering topics such as safety and security, tips on traveling to the U.S., careers in business aviation, and a session featuring CAAC’S China Business Aviation Symposium. As for business opportunities ABACE2018 is the ideal venue for investors to explore the full raft of potential within the business aviation industry.

在2018年亚洲商务航空会议及展览会( ABACE)将在上海虹桥机场拉开帷幕。届时,全球航空业内的知名公司将悉数出席,本届展会合作方是上海机场管理局( SAA),由美国国家商务航空协会( NBAA)与亚洲商务航空协会( ASBAA)联合主办。

一些飞机成品计划于10月16- 18日在佛罗里达州奥兰多举行的下一届NBAA-BACE展会上与公众见面。事实证明,自2012年推出以来,ABACE已成为中国及亚太区一项令人瞩目的盛事,广泛吸引了企业家、飞机采购决策者、财富创造者和其他重要出席者。近年来,这项盛会快速增长,出席者来自全球51个国家的8000多名参会人员、165个参展商、30架静态展示飞机和500多名媒体代表。

每年,政府官员和行业权威人士也成为该展会的常客。ABACE 2016大会曾邀请国际民航组织秘书长柳芳博士发表主题演讲;美国驻华大使Gary Locke和国际民用航空组织(icao)主席roberto Kobeh Gonzalez曾参加了ABACE 2013大会;而美国副秘书长John D. Porcari则在abace 2012大会上发表过讲话。


本次展会也将提供很多交流机会,成千上万的商务航空专业人士将聚集一堂。与会者能够与来自中国和亚洲的企业家、行业领袖、财富创造者和其他高层代表见面,交流资讯和最佳实践。此外,展会期间还将举行高级别研讨会,议题涵盖安全保卫、旅美小贴士、商务航空行业,还将举行中国民航局的中国公务机研讨会等。对于公务机的机遇,ABACE 2018大会也将成为投资者探索商务航空业潜力的理想场所。

The largest and most professional business aviation industry event in Macau, the 6th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition took place last November at the Macau International Airport. The business aviation market in China offers strategic opportunities for Macau, which is regarded as a regional platform for Southeast Asia and the world through close trade and economic relations with Portuguese-speaking countries and the European Union.

The 6th edition of the Exhibition covered over 22,000 square meters, with 12 business aircraft showcased on static, including Textron Aviation's Cessna Citation Latitude, G650, G450, G220 and G200 models from Gulfstream (and other exhibitors), Dassault Falcon Jet 7X and 8X, Embraer Lineage 1000 and Legacy 650, a Bombardier CL850, and others. These aircrafts include medium range models designed for regional markets, as well as long range models which are ideal for intercontinental markets, reflecting the diverse trend and needs for business aviation in the Greater China market.

由澳门会议展览业协会、中国航空器材集团公司、南光(集团)有限公司联合主办,中国民航技术装备有限责任公司、南光国际会议展览有限公司承办的第六届澳门公务航空展在11 月圆满落下帷幕。此次公务航空展的成功举办得到了澳门特区政府、中央驻澳联络办、国务院国资委、国务院港澳办、中国民航局、澳门民航局及澳门国际机场专营公司的指导和支持。历经六年的深耕培育,热度上升,专业性升级,参展单位涵盖了商务航空市场中的众多知名企业和机构,涉及整条产业链,政策导向和市场供需,迎来全球精英荟萃。澳门公务航空展于2016年9月通过国际展览业联盟( UFI)认证,已跃升为中国内地和港澳地区除上海亚洲公务机展( ABACE)之外的第二大公务航空领域盛会。

澳门公务航空展分为室外飞机静态展区、室内展区及论坛推介区。在飞机静态展区,集中展示国际热门的中程机型和洲际远程机型。在室内展区,涉及公务机维修、托管、改装、租赁、金融等领域,意在打造从公务机购买、融资租赁、托管、维修、运营到二手公务机交易等一站式综合解决方案平台。并设有虚拟现实( VR)航空指挥官体验、飞行体能训练、直升机及固定翼飞机模拟驾驶体验,“一小时航校”主题体验活动等适合公众参与和互动的活动。展会同期举办多场专业论坛及推介会,“澳门公务航空展暨通用与商务航空高层论坛”,“亚太公务航空高峰论坛”、“澳门公务航空发展论坛”、“以及”航空人才战略交流会”等,打造从洼地到高地的公务机发展战略制高点。

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