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Following the success of the 2016 Singapore Airshow, the 2018 edition of the event will take place from 6th to 11th February this year. Since its launch in 2008, the show has become the largest and best known event of its kind in Asia, attracting all the major names in aerospace, civil aviation, and defense.

Held every two years, the Airshow is a major event in the international business and civil aviation field, as a global marketplace and networking forum for the world’s aviation community. It is organised and managed by Experia Events, and is also the venue for a series of high-level conferences dedicated to leading players in the global aviation industry. They include the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit (SAALS) as well as co-located events such as the A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum and the Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC).

Running from February 16th to 21st, the 2016 event showcased the prowess of the Asian aerospace market to 45,000 trade attendees, with more than 1,000 exhibitors, and breathtaking aerial performances at Changi Exhibition Center. Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore’s Minister for Transport, and Dr. Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defense, led the delegation of dignitaries who formed the official welcoming committee.

Unsurprisingly for Asia’s largest aerospace and defense exhibition, the exhibitors included the 65 largest aerospace companies in the world, and among the 20 national pavilions were debut appearances from the Philippines and Indonesia. The huge numbers of attendees confirmed the show’s position as the “strategic platform of choice for key industry players,” according to Leck Chet Lam, managing director of Experia Events.

This year’s Singapore Airshow will take place from 6th to 11th February, and promises to preserve the show’s reputation as the biggest and best in Asia. As a key gateway to the wealth of potential opportunities in Asia-pacific – the world’s fastest growing region for the aerospace and defence industry – opportunities for visitors include access to the latest products and services in key areas like cybersecurity, unmanned aviation systems, avionics and connected aircraft, which will be showcased by over 1,000 companies from some 50 countries. There will also be chance network with key government and defence officials and senior commercial executives through the Airshow’s VIP Delegation Programme.

Returning exhibitors include 65 of the top global aerospace companies such as Airbus, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, Boeing,

Bombardier, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-royce, ST Engineering, Thales and UTC Aerospace Systems. New additions and notable appearances include Aviation Learn, Boom Supersonic, Honda Aircraft Company, WEARE Group, LOGIC, Marposs, IHSE Asia, and Wright Brothers Science and Technologies Development Co. Ltd.

As for conferences at the event this year, the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit (SAALS) 2018 will held from 4th – 5th February at the Pan Pacific Singapore. Focusing on “Reimagining Aviation's Future”, it will include discussions on developing a sustainable approach to future growth in air travel demand. Other events include Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC 2018) and the A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum. Following their popularity in 2016, the Business Forums at Singapore Airshow 2018 will look at key challenges facing the global aviation industry, particularly key trends like aviation cybersecurity, digital transformation and the impact of autonomous vehicles.

The 2018 Singapore Airshow will take place in what are thrilling but challenging times for the global aviation industry. Increasing demand for air travel is pushing robust growth, with a record 4 billion air passengers expected to fly this year. This figure looks set to almost double over the next 20 years, reaching 7.8 billion passengers by 2036. Meanwhile, technological innovation and digitalization continue to disrupt traditional business models, driving change within the aviation industry. This makes events like the Singapore Airshow even more relevant and vital. The 2018 edition is not to be missed.

继2016 年新加坡航空展大举成功后, 2018年度的航空展将于今年2月6- 11日召开。自2008年启动以来,该项展会已成为亚洲规模最大、最知名的同类展览,航空航天、民用航空以及防卫领域内的各大厂商悉数参展。

新加坡航空展每两年举办一届,是国际商务与民用航空领域内的重要展会,也是面向全球航空社区的全球市场与网络论坛。它由Experia Events公司负责组织与管理,同时也是全球航空业内领先厂商一系列高级别会议的举办地。其中包括新加坡航空展航空领袖峰会( SAALS),另外,新加坡科技研究局航空航天技术领导力论坛( A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum)与新加坡航空航天技术与工程大会( SATEC)等活动也在此举办。

从2月16至21日,在樟宜展览中心举办的2016年度新加坡航空展吸引45,000位展会出席者和上千家参展商,举行了扣人心弦的航空表演,充分体现了亚洲航空航天市场巨大潜力。新加坡交通运输部长许文远( Khaw Boon Wan)以及国防部长黄永宏( Dr. Ng Eng Hen)带领高官代表团组成了官方欢迎委员会。

勿庸置疑,作为亚洲最大规模的航空航天与防卫展, 2016年新加坡航空展的参展商囊括了全球65家最大型的航空航天公司,在20座国家展厅中,菲律宾与印度尼西亚首次亮相。Experia Events公司董事总经理Leck Chet Lam表示,庞大的与会者人数证实了此项展览作为“业内大型厂商首选战略平台”的地位。

今年的新加坡航空展将于2月6- 11日举行,并有望保持作为亚洲最大最佳展会的声誉。而作为获得亚太区(全球航空航天与防卫行业增速最快的地区)大量潜在机遇的主要通道,它将向参观者提供在网络安全、无人航空系统、航空电子设备以及互联飞机等关键领域接触最新产品与服务的大好良机,来自约50 个国家与地区的1000多家公司将到位展示各自的产品与服务。另外,通过航空展的VIP代表团计划( VIP Delegation Programme),参会者还将有机会与至关重要的政府和防卫官员以及商业高官面谈。

再次与会的参展商包括65家全球顶级航空航天公司,如:空客公司、贝尔直升机公司、巴西航空工业公司、波音、庞巴迪、以色列航空航天工业公司( IAI)、普惠公司、劳斯莱斯、新加坡科技工程有限公司、泰雷兹与联合技术航空航天系统( UTC Aerospace Systems)。新面孔与值得注意的参展商包括Aviation Learn、Boom Supersonic、本田飞机公司、WEARE Group、LOGIC、Marposs、IHSE Asia与莱特兄弟飞行技术有限公司。

在今年航展期间的会议方面, 2018年新加坡航空展航空领袖峰会( SAALS)将于2月4- 5日在新加坡泛太平洋酒店召开。以“重塑航空未来”为主题的本次参会将对开发未来航空旅行需求可持续增长方法进行探讨。其他活动包括新加坡航空航天技术与工程大会( SATEC 2018)与新加坡科技研究局航空航天技术领导力论坛( A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum)。继在2016年大受欢迎之后,新加坡航空展商业论坛将着眼于全球航空业所面临的关键挑战,尤其是航空网络安全、数字化转型以及自动驾驶车辆相关影响等主要趋势。

对于全球航空业而言, 2018年新加坡航空展正逢令人心潮澎湃而又充满挑战的时代。日益增长的飞机旅行需求正在推动稳步增长,今年预计将有创纪录的40亿飞机乘客搭乘飞机出行。在未来20年内,这一数据将几乎增长一倍, 2036年的飞机乘客将达到78亿人次。与此同时,技术创新与数字化将继续改变传统业务模式,推动航空业发生转型。这让新加坡航空展之类的活动更加切合实际且至关重要。2018年度新加坡航空展的精彩不容错过!

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