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Stay refreshed on the go with Yuni’s No-rinse Body Cleanser. The light cleansing foam lifts dirt from the skin without leaving a greasy residue. First, towel-dry to remove excess perspiration; then simply smooth the foam over your skin – even the delicate areas – for a shower-fresh feeling. The waterless formula is packed with antibacterial neem extract, cooling aloe vera and a hint of aromatic essential oils to clean, deodorise and calm the skin. Yuni免洗沐浴慕丝可取代运动后的标准花洒淋浴,轻柔的洁肤泡能够清除皮肤上的尘埃污垢,令肌肤柔软清新。先以毛巾拭去多余汗水,然后将洁肤泡轻轻涂抹在皮肤上,即使是敏感部位也适用,就能感受仿如淋浴之后的洁净感。无水配方含有抗菌楝树提取物、冷却芦荟胶和少量芳香精油,有效清洁、除臭和镇静肌肤。

With aims to strengthen its wellness edge, Pullman Hotels & Resorts now offers packages designed by wellness coach Sarah Hoey. Her Active Breakfasts are made with ingredients that promote age defense, energy boost, balance and detox. Her new spa programme schedules treatments throughout the day for invigoration or slowing down. Sport, meanwhile, showcases her yoga and fitness routines in a series of seven-minute videos. Hoey’s programme is set to launch in all of Pullman’s outlets around the world.为进一步践行倡导健康生活的承诺,铂尔曼酒店及度假村与健康导师Sarah Hoey联合推出全新健康计划,当中包含了由Hoey制定的活力早餐,选用的食材有助抗衰老、激活能量、保持均衡和排毒。酒店还提供最新全天候水疗服务,让客人在一整天充满活力,或在一天结束后舒缓放松。运动方面, Hoey推出一系列七分钟的运动视频,示范瑜伽和健身锻炼方式。最后,酒店提供一系列轻柔拉伸和锻炼指引,助客人舒适入眠。Hoey的健康计划将在全球所有铂尔曼


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