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Remembered for his irrepressible creative spirit and his invaluable contributions to the field, Marcel Dassault occupies a prominent position in the aviation hall of fame. Most famous for the Dassault aircraft brand, his legacy remains strong within the industry and beyond.

He was born Marcel Bloch on January 22nd 1892 in Paris, France – the youngest of a doctor’s four children. From an early age he displayed a precocious interest in science and technology, especially electricity. After a post-highschool stint at Breguet School of Electricity, Bloch joined the Ecole Supérieure d’aéronautique, and graduated in 1913. He made his first contributions to the French aviation industry during World War I, using the engineering skills he had acquired at Chalais Meudon Aeronautical Laboratory to co-design the Éclair propeller (1916), and a twin-seater fighter called the SEA 4 (1918).

Bloch married in 1919, and fathered two sons. After working in real-estate and automobiles during the 1920s, he put a new team together and returned to aviation in 1930. His company was nationalized by the leftist Front Populaire government in 1936. On December 12th that year, he established the Société Anonyme des Avions Marcel Bloch (SAAMB) which managed license fees for the Bloch airplanes.

When World War II broke out, those very planes were used to defend France’s skies in 1939 and 1940. Bloch refused to collaborate with the invading army after the Armistice, and was imprisoned by the Vichy Government along with his wife and children. He was then sent to Drancy concentration camp before spending eight months in Buchenwald.

Although he suffered from post-diphtheria paralysis between 1945 and 1953, Bloch took up aeronautics again with renewed zeal after the war. For a fresh start he decided to change his name to Dassault – the alias his brother had used in the Resistance – in 1949.

As well as defense craft such as the MD-450 Ouragan (1949) and the Mystère IV (1954), Dassault was also adept at creating superior civil aircraft. Pan Am was the first airline to place a large-scale order, opening the doors to the American market.

Along with his interest in aviation, newspapers and politics, Marcel Dassault dabbled in banking and the stock market as well as architecture and cinema. His services to his country earned him France’s highest accolade – the Legion of Honor’s Grand Cross. When he died on 17th April 1986, the French government paid him a special tribute. His was the first funeral of a French industrial businessperson to be held at Invalides.

马塞尔·达索( Marcel Dassault)因其源源不断的创造精神及对于航空界的宝贵贡献而被世人所铭记,在航空名人堂中占据着显著地位。他留于后人的发明创新至今在业内外依然享有盛誉,其中以达索飞机品牌最为出名。

1892年1月22日,一个名叫马塞尔·布洛赫( Marcel Bloch)的男婴在法国巴黎降生——他是一位医生家4个孩子中最小的一个。早在童年时期,他就展现出了对于科学与技术、尤其是电力的极大兴趣。在布勒盖电力学校( Breguet School of Electricity)完成高中后教育,布洛赫进入了法国高等航空学校( Ecole Supérieure d’aéronautique),并于1913年毕业。在第一次世界大战期间,他运用自己在默东航空实验室( Chalais Meudon Aeronautical Laboratory)所获得的工程技能,合作设计了Éclair螺旋桨( 1916年)以及SEA 4双座战斗机( 1918年),为法国航空业做出了首次贡献。

布洛赫于1919年结婚,婚后生育了两个儿子。在20世纪20年代从事过一段房地产与汽车工作后,他于1930年重组了一个新团队并返回航空界。1936年,他的公司被左翼人民阵线政府收归国有。1936年12月12日,他成立了达索飞机公司( SAAMB),用于管理布洛赫飞机的许可费。

1939- 1940年,随着二战爆发,这些飞机被用于法国空中防御。停战后,布洛赫拒绝和侵略军合作,连同他的妻子与孩子被维希政府( Vichy Government)关押起来。随后,他被转入德兰西( Drancy)集中营,之后又在布痕瓦尔德( Buchenwald)集中营被关押了8个月。

1945- 1953年,虽然遭受白喉后麻痹的折磨,但布洛赫在战后重新燃起了对于航空学的热情并重操旧业。1949年,为了重新开始,他决定将名字改为达索,即他的哥哥在抗战期间使用过的化名。

除了具有制造MD-450 Ouragan(1949年)与Mystère IV(1954)等战斗机的技艺外,达索还擅于制造卓越的民用机。Pan Am是接受过大规模订单的首架飞机,并打开了美国市场大门。

除了对航空、报纸与政治非常感兴趣外,马塞尔·达索还涉足银行业、股票市场以及建筑与电影。他对于法国的杰出贡献为他赢得了最高荣誉——法国荣誉军团勋章。在他于1986年4月17日逝世后,法国政府为他举行了特殊悼念。他是首位在荣军院( Invalides)举办葬礼的法国工商业人士。

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