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Made to recall Lion City’s once vivid orchid fields is a series of unisex perfumes. “Aranda 1965” pays tribute to Singapore’s year of independence with hints of bergamot and kafir lime. “Vanda 1981” celebrates the opening of the Changi Airport with a soft, feminine scent. “One Degree North” is symbolic of the country’s location and houses refined new-age notes of sea-salt and joyful citrus. “Peranakan Oud” tips the hat to the eponymous culture and takes the base notes from Oud, soft Tonka bean, praline and green tobacco leaves. Finally, “The Orient” encapsulates the beauty of Asia with agarwood, sandalwood, neroli and rose. All are made locally in Tai Seng.一系列男女皆宜的香水,让人联想起狮城曾经生动的兰花田。“Aranda 1965”带有佛手柑和青柠酸柑香味,以纪念新加坡独立的一年; “Vanda 1981”以柔和的女性气息,庆祝樟宜机场开幕; “One Degree North”散发充满朝气的精致海盐和宜人柑橘味,象征该国的地理位置; “Peranakan Oud”以沉香、零陵香豆、果仁糖和绿色烟叶为基调,向峇峇娘惹文化致敬;最后“The Orient”用沉香木、檀香、橙花精油和玫瑰香味,体现了亚洲之美。所有香水在新加坡大成制造。

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