中国成为2018年国际直升机博览会(HELI-EXPO ‘18)一大亮点 旋翼机行业年度盛会引群情振奋


Jet Asia Pacific - - Show Time - Text by James Wynbrandt

Heli-expo, the rotor world’s annual global gathering, staged by the Helicopter Association International, celebrated signs of recovery in Las Vegas Feb. 26 – March 1, possibly heralding an end to the slump the industry has experienced since oil and commodity prices tanked earlier this decade. News of sales and new offerings from the more than 700 exhibitors encompassing the entire spectrum of rotorcraft products and services buoyed the spirits of the 17,312 attendees filling the Las Vegas Convention Center. China took center stage in much of the news; accounting for seventy percent of all new global commercial helicopter purchases in 2017, the People’s Republic is now an industry driver.

China’s Reignwood Aviation announced at the show a 50ship order for the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X light helicopter, which will make it the world’s largest fleet operator of the copter, which entered service last year. This purchase is in addition to a previously announced 10-unit deal. Reignwood chairman Galba Zheng said the company is “eager to begin operating our fleet of Bell 505s.” Deliveries will take place over the next three years.

Airbus Helicopters announced deals for 15 helicopters headed to the Asia-pacific region. Xian-based Heliflite China placed an order for seven H125 and three H130 singles, and Japan's Auto Panther and Nakanihon Air Service purchased an H130 and H135 respectively. Heliflite’s new rotorcraft will be used for utility and emergency medical services missions throughout China; the company has also been accredited as an official Airbus Helicopters distributor for the region.

Leonardo Helicopters’ China distributor, Sino-us Intercontinental Helicopter Investment, ordered 26 helicopters - seven AW119KX singles, 15 AW109 Trekker light twins, and four AW139 intermediate twins – a deal worth more than $147 million. Leonardo has developed a strong position in the China EMS market through its Sino-us partnership, having sold 110 helicopters of various types to its distributor, with 50 of those flying in 36 provinces throughout China.

“We are very honored to be the national distributor with the best performance,” said Sino-us chairman Shuping He. “Sino-us will keep working with Leonardo Helicopters closely, and we view a bright future for the Chinese helicopter industry by joining forces.”

U.S. based Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, which makes filtration systems, announced the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department has validated its MD 900 Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Air filtration is important because “the operating environment in Hong Kong can be demanding of airframe and engines” and there is “a degree of pollution containing particulates and airborne substances that can lead to corrosion and erosion of mechanical components,” said Bobby Gimber, engineering manager of Hong Kong’s Heliservices, which operates three MD902S. One company 902 is already equipped with an IBF, and the STC clears the way for installations in the other two, Gimber said.

Beyond Greater China, the importance of the region as a whole was underscored by the fifth annual Asia Pacific Civil Helicopter Fleet Report, released at Heli-expo by Hong Kong consultancy Asian Sky Group, which found widespread growth. In 2017 the region’s turbine helicopter fleet increased 3.9 percent, to 4,086 rotorcraft. Four countries - Australia, Japan, Mainland China and New Zealand – operate 62 percent of the fleet. Mainland China, the leading regional growth driver for the past three years, added 86 helicopters last year, 17.4 percent more than in 2016.

Helicopters produced by the “big four” manufacturers— Airbus, Bell, Leonardo and Sikorsky—comprise more than 85 percent of the Asia-pacific fleet, according to ASG’S report, with Airbus Helicopters claiming the largest market share at more than 40 percent of the region’s rotors.

How will 2018 compare when we look back a year from now? Answers will be forthcoming at Heli-expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia March 3 – 7.

由国际直升机协会主办的旋翼机业年度盛会——国际直升机博览会( Heli-expo)于2月26日至31月 日在拉斯维加斯举行,庆祝行业回暖乍现,并有望预示行业因石油和大宗商品价格遭遇重挫的十年低迷期即将结束。此次700多家参展商推出了涵盖整个旋翼飞机的完整系列产品和服务,这让挤满拉斯维加斯会议中心的17,312名参会者激动不已。中国更是成为了各媒体关注的焦点;在2017年全球商用直升机购买量中,中国占据了70%的份额,因而中国已成为整个行业的推手。

中国华彬集团在展会上宣布订购50架于去年面市的Bell 505 Jet Ranger X轻型直升机,这笔订单将使华彬集团成为全球最大的直升机机队运营商,此次购买是之前10架飞机交易的补充。华彬董事长Galba Zheng表示:“我们期待早日运营我们的Bell 505机队。”这些直升机将在未来三年内全部交付。

空客直升机获得了来自亚太区的15架直升机订单。总部位于西安的海飞特中国订购了7架H125和架3 H130单发直升机,日本Auto Panther和Nakanihon Air Service分别订购了1架H130和架1 H135直升机。海飞特的新型旋翼飞机将用于执行中国各地的公用事业和紧急医疗服务任务;该公司也获准成为空客直升机在该地区的官方经销商。

Leonardo Helicopters的中国经销商中美洲际直升机投资公司订购了26家直升机,其中包括7架AW119KX单发直升机、15架AW109 Trekker轻型双发直升机和4架AW139中级双发直升机,该笔交易金额超过1.47亿美元。凭借与中美洲际的合作伙伴关系, Leonardo在中国EMS市场确立了强大的地位,已经向其经销商卖出110架不同类型的直升机,其中50架服务于中国36个省份。

中美洲际董事长Shuping He表示:“我们非常荣幸地成为全国优秀经销商。中美洲际将继续与Leonardo Helicopters紧密合作,我们将携手展望中国直升机行业的美好未来。”

总部位于美国的Donaldson Aerospace & Defense是过滤系统制造商,宣布香港民航局已经对其MD 900进气口屏障过滤器( IBF)补充型号证书( STC)进行了验证。经营3架MD902的香港Heliservices工程经理Bobby Gimber指出,空气过滤非常重要,因为“香港的操作环境可能对机身和发动机的要求严苛”,“含有微粒和空气传播物质的一定程度污染可能导致机械组件遭到腐蚀和侵蚀。” Gimber声称,公司的其中一架902已经配备了IBF,而STC为在其他两架飞机上安装过滤系统扫清了障碍。



当我们回顾过去一年时,将如何与2018年进行比较?答案将在佐治亚州亚特兰大举行的2019年国际直升机博览会( Heli-expo 2019)上为您一一揭晓。

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