Difference in the Content of Flavoring Components of Different Kinds of Texiang Baijiu

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XU Baitian, LIN Pei, LI Qinghua, CAI Shan, XIONG Qiuping, JIANG Qingping, PENG Sini, HE Xin, SUN Qi and LUO Li (Site Liquor Co. Ltd., Zhangshu, Jiangxi 331200, China) Abstract: Through the analysis of the physiochemical indexes and chromatographic skeleton components of different kinds of Texiang Baijiu, the physiochemical features of different kinds of Texiang Baijiu were explored. The results suggested that, there was great difference in physiochemical features of Texiang Baijiu of different quality grade, and there was some difference in the ratio of chromatographic skeleton components of Baijiu of the same quality grade but of different liquor body. Key words: grade; physiochemical indexes; chromatographic skeleton components; flavoring components; difference; Baijiu

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