Screening of Aroma-Producing Yeast Strains for Orange Wine

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CHEN Qingchan, ZHU Nana and SUN Aihong (College of Bioengineering, Jingchu University of Technology, Jingmen, Hubei 448000, China) Abstract: The fermenting rate, fermenting power, sensory quality, and GC analytic results of 3 wild yeast strains isolated from orange fruit and 5 commercially- available fruit wine yeast strains were compared. Finally, yeast strain JZ- 3, suitable for orange wine production, was screened out. Its fermenting power was 0.20 g/g.d, and its fermenting rate was comparatively low in chief fermentation period and was stable in late fermenting period, which was beneficial to the formation of wine aroma and the accumulation of flavoring substances in wine. The wine produced by strain JZ-3 was pale orange yellow in color, clear and transparent with good gloss. Besides, the wine had pure orange aroma and harmonious taste and its overall quality was high. Key words: orange wine; aroma; aroma-producing yeast

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