Water-Absorbing Characteristics of Australian Sorghum by New Xiaoqu Liquor-Making Technique

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YE Chuan, SHEN Yongxiang, LIU Huaichen, HU Hao, SHI Xiaobing, CHEN Fan andWANG Xinping ( Maopu Healthcare Liquor Co. Ltd., Yangxin, Hubei 435204, China) Abstract: Xiaoqu Baijiu is produced with sorghum as the main raw material. However, domestic sorghum price is high and its regional restriction is serious. Australian sorghum is cheap and there is no regional restriction. Besides, it has high starch content and high liquor yield. Unfortunately, its water- absorbing rate is relatively slow due to its large granule, thick seed coat and high amylose content. New Xiaoqu liquor- making technique has the following disadvantages in practice: significant temperature difference and water absorption rate difference between the upper part and the lower part in a bucket, and long cooking time which would seriously influence the consistency of sorghum cooking in the bucket. Accordingly, the study of water- absorbing characteristics of Australian sorghum in soaking and cooking process is necessary. In the experiment, lengthening the stainless steel pipe to the bottom of the bucket and stirring sorghum for 15 min by compressed air could reduce temperature difference from original 30 ℃ to 6 ℃, and after sorghum soaking, the moisture content difference reduced from original 5.2 % to 2.0 %. In addition, sorghum washing with 56 ℃ hot water and pressure-drainage before sorghum cooking could accelerate water-absorbing rate of sorghum and sorghum cooking time shortened from original 65~75 min to 8~10 min. The moisture content of the cooked sorghum was controlled between 55.0 % and 57.0 % which met production requirements. The above measures could significantly improve the consistency of sorghum cooking in a bucket. Key words: new Xiaoqu liquor-making technique; Australian sorghum; water-absorbing characteristics

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