Extraction of Lactic Acid from Yellow Water

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LIANG Yanling1, SU Fenfen2, WU Yanhua1 and LIN Yixiong1 (1. Guangxi Light Industry Research Institute, Nanning, Guangxi 530031; 2. Guangxi University, Nanning, Guangxi 530003, China) Abstract: Daqu used as the saccharifying and fermenting agent, sorghum and wheat used as main raw materials, after cooking, saccharifying, fermentation, distillation, storage and blending, product Daqu Baijiu was finally produced. Yellow water, the by- product in the production of Daqu Baijiu, contained large amount of lactic acid. In this study, lactic acid was extracted from yellow water by macroporous weakly basic anion exchange resin, and the extraction effects were satisfactory. Through the analysis of the experimental data, the best extraction conditions were summed up as follows: the flowing rate of yellow water into the column was 1.5 BV/h, the eluent was 5 % (v/v) H2SO4, and the flowing rate of elution was 3.5 BV/h. As a result, the recovery rate of lactic acid could reach up to above 75 %. Key words: Daqu Baijiu; yellow water; macroporous weakly basic anion exchange resin; lactic acid

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