Determination of the Forms of Aluminum in Mixiang Baijiu by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

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YANG Qinyu1, LI Yong1, DENG Quandao2 andWANG Yong3 (1. Sanhua Co. Ltd., Guilin, Guangxi 541001; 2. Guilin Entry & Exit Inspection & Qurantine Bureau, Guilin, Guangxi 541004; 3.Xiangshan Distillery Co. Ltd., Guilin, Guangxi 541500, China) AlKα Abstract: The spectral peak position and spectral line shape of second- order diffracted ray in the reagents containing aluminum in different binding states were determined by X- ray fluorescence spectrometry. The collected data were used as the evidence for the analysis of the forms of aluminum in actual samples. As a result, aluminum existed in organic state in Mixiang Baijiu samples. This study provided a new method for analyzing the forms of aluminum in Mixiang Baijiu. (Trans. by YUE Yang) Key words: X-ray fluorescence spectrometry; Mixiang Baijiu; aluminum; form

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