Analysis of the Flavoring Components in Shedian Liquor by GC-O-MS

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CHENG Jiaojiao, YAN Zhenmin, ZHOU Meng and WEI Xinjun ( School of Food Engineering, He'nan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang, He'nan 453003, China) Abstract: In order to explore the main aroma- producing substances in Nongxiang Baijiu, the volatile flavoring components in Shedian liquor were extracted by LLE with dichloromethane as the extracting agent. 45 kinds of volatile flavoring components were identified by GC-MS coupled with NIST11 spectral database retrieval. Among them, 18 aroma-producing substances were determined by GC-O including 12 kinds of esters, 1 kind of alcohol, 4 kinds of volatile acids, and 1 kind of aromatic substance. The compounds making great contributions to the aroma included ethyl butyrate, ethyl valerate, ethyl caproate, ethyl oenanthate, ethyl caprylate, ethyl palmitate, acetic acid, and butyric acid. Key words: liquid- liquid extraction(LLE); gas chromatography- mass spectrometry(GC- MS);gas chromatography- olfactometry(GC- O); flavoring components

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