Anti-aging Effects of Hakka Yellow Rice Wine on Skin

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LUO Lvkeng,ZOU Haoyuan,YAO Hairong and DENG Qiuhua ( Medical School, Jiaying College, Meizhou, Guangdong 514015, China) Abstract: The anti- aging effects of Hakka yellow rice wine on the skin of subacute aging mice induced by D- galactose were evaluated. Subacute aging mice models were constructed by intraperitoneal injection of D- galactose. Then intragastric administration of distilled water and Hakka yellow rice wine (different alcohol content) respectively once a day for 45 d was performed. Then SOD, GSH- Px, hydroxyproline, MDA, and skin moisture content in mice skin were measured. The results suggested that Hakka yellow rice wine could effectively increase skin moisture content and hydroxyproline content and reduce MDA content. Accordingly, Hakka yellow rice wine had anti-aging effects on skin. Key words: Hakka yellow rice wine; skin; hydroxyproline; moisture content

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