Determination of Cyanides Concentration in 3 Kinds of Alcoholic Drinks by UV-Vis Spectrophotometry

LI Yue1, HE Ying2, LI Yanyi2 and XIAO Deli2 (1.Tianjin Medical College, Tianjin 300222; 2.China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 211198, China)

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Abstract: The content of cyanides in three kinds of alcoholic drinks was detected by UV-Vis spectrophotometry. On this basis, the influence of different kinds of alcoholic drinks on the absorbance was further investigated. The results showed that, there was a good

μg/ linear relationship between cyanide concentration (0.00~8.00 mL) and absorbance value at 500 nm wavelength. The content of cyanides in three kinds of alcoholic drinks ranked in increasing sequence as red wine < Baijiu < cassava liquor. The content of cyanides

μg/ μg/ was the highest in cassava liquor (0.86 mL) and the lowest in red wine (0.38 mL). Moreover, as the three different kinds of alcoholic drinks were measured by UV- Vis spectrophotometry, no significant interference presented at the detection wavelength. Therefore, UV- Vis spectrophotometry for the determination of cyanides content in alcoholic drinks was economical and feasible. Meanwhile, this study was of great significance in the evaluation of the accuracy and precision of cyanides concentration in alcoholic drinks and the related follow-up studies. Key words: cyanide; alcoholic drinks; UV-Vis spectrophotometry; comparison of concentration; interference


[1]竭,对人体产生极强的毒害作用 。作为酒水安全检测的重点关注对象之一,酒中的氰化物主要来源于其植物原料,如葡萄、木薯中含有的氰化物或氰

[2,3]甙类配糖体 。原料中的氰化物在酸性条件下或加热过程中可生成剧毒的氰化氢或氰离子,无毒的

β-氰苷则在植物细胞被破坏时经 葡萄糖苷酶催化水解生成氢氰酸。大部分的氢氰酸在原料蒸煮制备过程中经挥发排出,少量的氢氰酸溶解残留在酒

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