Comparison and Screening of Culture Mediums of Yeast Strains for High-Temperature Fermentation

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WANG Fangfang1, DU Fengguang1, LIU Yue1, XU Linghe1,JIANG Chao1, MA Huanxin1,ZHENG Bin1 and ZHANG Caiying2 (1.Tianguan Group Co. Ltd., Nanyang, Henan 473000; 2. School of Life Science and Technology, Nanyang Normal University, Nanyang, Henan 473000,China) Abstract: In this study, the substitute of culture mediums of yeast strains was explored. The fermentation contrast experiment was performed at 38 ℃ of yeast strains cultured by corn mash, corn filtrate, and traditional wort respectively. The results suggested that there was significant difference in alcohol content fermented by yeast strains cultured by mediums of different concentration. For example, while the ratio of corn and water was 1∶2, alcohol content of fermenting broth by yeast strains cultured by corn mash was 1 % vol higher than that cultured by wort. Meanwhile, contrast experiment of different yeast strains cultured by the same culture mediums was performed. The results suggested that corn mash was a better choice. Compared with wort culture mediums, the price of corn culture mediums was evidently lower. Key words: yeast; wort; corn mash; corn filtrate; high temperature fermentation


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