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The lo­cal cus­tom of smash­ing your drink­ing cup af­ter you have drained it of al­co­hol still re­mains in some Chi­nese re­gions – it is sup­posed to show a bold, heroic spirit. But the tra­di­tion has had fa­tal con­se­quences af­ter the death of a 17-year old in North China's He­bei Province. The young man, who has not been named, went to a lo­cal drink­ing fes­ti­val, where he downed, in suc­ces­sion, nine cups of bai­jiu, a pop­u­lar, but very strong, type of Chi­nese grain al­co­hol. He col­lapsed, and his heart stopped be­fore the am­bu­lance could ar­rive. His fam­ily has re­ported his death to lo­cal po­lice, and plan to sue the drink seller and fes­ti­val or­ga­nizer for pro­vid­ing al­co­hol to a mi­nor. Ne­ti­zens said that the young man's fam­ily should also bear some re­spon­si­bil­ity for fail­ing to tell him that be­ing good at drink­ing has no re­la­tion­ship with be­ing brave, bold, or hav­ing a heroic spirit.

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