Chi­nese Main­land Sup­plies Wa­ter to Kin­men

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The Chi­nese main­land plans to sup­ply 34,000 cu­bic me­ters of wa­ter per day to Kin­men Is­land, a Tai­wan-con­trolled is­land off the coast of Fu­jian Prov­ince, from Au­gust 5.

Ac­cord­ing to the Xin­hua News Agency, the wa­ter­sup­ply project aims to re­lieve an ag­gra­vated wa­ter short­age in Kin­men where the per capita drink­ing wa­ter re­sources only amount to 1,000 cu­bic me­ters, 700 cu­bic me­ters be­low the in­ter­na­tional line of wa­ter stress. To in­crease sup­ply, Kin­men had tried to trans­port wa­ter from Tai­wan and de­sali­nate sea wa­ter, but both failed due to high costs and low ef­fi­ciency. Now, Kin­men is on the verge of be­ing flooded and con­tam­i­nated with sea wa­ter af­ter hav­ing all but ex­hausted its ground­wa­ter re­serves.

To pull Kin­men out of this predica­ment, the Chi­nese main­land has spent 388 mil­lion yuan (US$56.2M) to pump wa­ter from Longhu Lake, Fu­jian's sec­ond-largest lake, and trans­port it to Kin­men via a 28-kilo­me­ter sub­ma­rine pipe sys­tem.

The project has been praised by Kin­men lo­cals who have suf­fered from wa­ter short­ages for around 20 years. The main­land has taken var­i­ous steps to strengthen ties across the Strait. Just two days be­fore the wa­ter-sup­ply project be­gan, the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment an­nounced it would no longer re­quire per­mits re­quired for Tai­wan res­i­dents to work on the main­land.

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