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With the school term kick­ing off again and trips to far-flung lo­ca­tions off the cards, now is a good time to ex­plore the sights closer to home. Strong high-speed rail links make Luoyang an easy week­end trip from Bei­jing, and its his­tor­i­cal im­por­tance makes it the per­fect place to in­spire older chil­dren to hit the books. Once a dy­nas­tic citadel, the pros­per­ous cap­i­tal of 13 dy­nas­ties and the east­ern cap­i­tal of the Tang dy­nasty, trag­i­cally lit­tle now re­mains of Luoyang’s glory days— although the sights it does have are well worth the trip. Just don’t head here ex­pect­ing to re­lax. It’s a place to pound out the sights, pack in some learn­ing, have an evening wan­der and fall ex­hausted and ed­u­cated into your train seat at the end of it all.

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