Revolution (Hong Kong) - - SIHH 2017 - TEXT BY SEAN LI

Kari Vouti­lainen is per­haps one of the most re­served an unas­sum­ing master watch­mak­ers to­day, and yet, the mere men­tion of his name, let alone the sight of one of his watches, will draw the at­ten­tion of the watch purists. For SIH, Vouti­lainen turned rather philo­soph­i­cal, and has, in a way, cre­ated a time­piece for those who want a per­pet­ual ex­cuse for miss­ing their next ap­point­ment. It’s not that the watch doesn’t work, far from it, but the way it dis­plays time is unique. The ba­sic premise is that once ev­ery hour, the hours and min­utes hands are su­per­im­posed, re­gard­less of what time it is. Yes, you need to think about this; while this hap­pens on a “nor­mal” watch as well, it’s not pre­cisely ev­ery hour – if we start with 12 o’clock pre­cisely, the next time the two hands will be su­per­im­posed is at 1:06 or so, then at 2:12, and so on. For the Vingt-8 Iso, the hands will al­ways be per­fectly su­per­im­posed at the top of the hour. What you have to un­der­stand though is that the top of the hour is not, in ef­fect, fixed, as the outer track ro­tates as well. In a way, this is the per­fec­tion­ist’s watch, be­cause the an­gle be­tween the hours and min­utes hand will al­ways be dic­tated ex­actly by the num­ber of min­utes that have passed, i.e. 15 min­utes equates to 90 de­grees, 30 min­utes to 180 de­grees, 45 min­utes to 270 de­grees, or -90 de­grees if you pre­fer. At least the point of ref­er­ence for the hours is fixed, or you’d prob­a­bly go stir crazy try­ing to read the time, and you might only re­sort to ad­mir­ing the su­perla­tive fin­ish­ing that Vouti­lainen is well-known for.

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