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Zhuo jinghong Shanghai natural history museum (branch of shanghai science & technology museum) Abstract The National Science Museum THAILAND is a multi-in-one museum cluster, which is composed of Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Information Technology Museum, Science Square, and two other museums (Museum of discovery and innovation, biodiversity knowledge and utilization center)0under construction. the national science museum thailand has remained committed to raise science awareness of the public, through a series of educational activities, such as science lab, science show, and so on. it makes complicated science knowledge more fun and easy-to-understand. Keywords National science museum thailand, museum cluster, exhibition, education 2017, 3(1) Science Education and Museums 71

1.2 The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum invites visitors to learn about all things natural. Exploring big questions like the formation and development of the Earth to discovering microbes so small, millions can fit on the tip of a sewing needle. The diversity of plants and animals found here in Thailand (and neighbor countries) is a main focus of the museum and for its team. The museum itself is an impressive specimen

’ collection house and research unit for Thailand s biodiversity, and the only institute of this kind in the country. It is also one of the leading taxidermy units for scientific collection and study in Thailand. 1.3 The Information Technology Museum

The Information Technology Museum is a place to discover how people communicate. With lots of interactive elements, you can explore how the communication of information has developed from early man, up until the fast paced technologies of the modern day. At the Information Technology Museum, you are invited to take a trip both back and forward in time on a journey0 through the story of communication technology, from smoke signals to 4G and beyond! Hosting an array of different communication methods and interactive approaches, the Information Technology Museum is a great place to reflect on Figure 1 The Exhibition "Dialogue in the Dark"

and experiment then find and record the answers. There are many programs covering different topics:

(1)"Cheeky Chocolate". Make chocolate treats to take home and discover the science behind them! Understand where chocolate comes from and the process of making it. Explore factors affecting the taste of chocolate e.g. viscosity, melting and ingredients.

(2)"Light and Shadows". 0 With series of experiments, take a glimpse into the properties of light, for example how light travels and how shadows form. Understand the importance of light, the formation of shadows and how sundials work.

(3)"Kitchen Chemistry". Explore and learn about chemical reactions using things commonly found in your kitchen. Understand the difference between physical and chemical changes. Define and differentiate exothermic and endothermic reactions. Observe chemical reactions by applying sensory perception.

(4) "Lung Power". Have a go at approximating your own lung capacity with your friends. Test your lung capacity as you explore the respiratory system and its function in breathing. Understand the respiratory organs and their functions. 2.2 Science Show

Be ready to be amazed. The crazy science shows will blow your mind! The science shows of the National Science Museum THAILAND0 have0 become0 widely0 popular0 extra-curricular0 science0 activities0 here0 in0 Thailand.0 Using0 the0 spectacle0 of0 experiments0 to0 explain0 science,0 both0 children0 and0 adults0 can0 enjoy0 the0 wonders0 of0 science,0 with0 the0 wonders0 explained!0 Let0 us0 get0 involved0 and0 giggle0 with0 science.

(1)"The0 Egg0 Show".0 Did0 you0 know0 science0 surround0 us0 in0 everyday0 life?0 Take0 eggs0 for0 example,0 a0 vital0 food0 type0 that0 has0 magic0 behind0 them.0 But0 it's0 not0 magic,0 it's0 science!0 Come0 and0 be0 wowed0 by0 things0 you0 never0 knew0 about0 eggs!

(2)"Energy 0 Show". 0 How 0 important 0 is 0 energy 0 in 0 everyday0 life?0 In0 this0 show,0 through0 experiments,0 we0 see0 examples0 of0 how0 humans0 use0 energy0 such0 as0 the0 ignition0 cylinder0 and0 explore0 different0 ways0 we0 can0 generate0 electricity.

(3)"The0 Bump0 Show".0 Come0 and0 enjoy0 the0 Bump0 show!0 Want0 to0 know0 more0 about0 the0 science0 behind0 a0 bump?0 Explore0 the0 science0 behind0 collisions0 in0 everyday0 life,0 from0 bumping0 your0 head0 to0 crashing0 cars0 or0 bouncing0 balls.

(4)"Pressure".0 We0 might0 think0 that0 air0 is0 untouchable,0 formless0 and0 weightless.0 The0 show0 presents0 that0 air0 can0 be0 touched0 and0 audiences0 are0 enjoy0 with0 vac uum0products,0natural0fog,0flaming0and0collapsible0cans. 2.3

Outreach0 programs0 help0 brining0 science0 to0 people's0 doorsteps0 and0 allows0 the0 National0 Science0 Museum0 THAILAND0 to0 be0 part0 of0 local0 school0 or0 community0 activities.0 There0 are0 three0 kinds0 of0 outreach0 programs:0 science0 caravan0 (mobile0 museum),0 science0 express0 (school0 visit)0 and0 science0 at0 the0 mall0 (community0 outreach).0 The0 staffs0 of0 science0 caravan0 come0 from0 each0 department0 in0 the0 museum,0 and0 they0 will0 go0 to0 various0 regions0 of0 Thailand0 and0 neighboring0 countries0 for0 30 to0 70 days0 with0 their0 scientific0 experiments,0 scientific0 show0 and0 some0 exhibits.0 The0 exhibition0 tour0 is0 held0 once0 a0 month0 and0 mostly0 exhibited0 in0 schools0 and0 stores.

Besides , 0 "the 0 Research 0 Show 0 by 0 Naturalist" 0 ( Figure 0 2)0 also0 deserve0 further0 study0 and0 are0 worth0 referring.0 It0 is0 held0 once0 every0 week0 or0 every0 other0 week,0 and0 covers0 a0 wide0 range0 of0 subjects0 including0 plants,0 animals0 and0 minerals.0 Museum0 researchers0 make0 a0 lecture0 and0 answer0 questions0 for0 young0 people.0 In0 virtue0 of0 the0 rich0 collections,0 they0 can0 use0 varied0 specimens0 during0 the0 classes.0 These0 shows0 inspire0 participants0 to0 have0 a0 deep0 insight0 into0 science,0 eliminate0 the0 gap0 between0 the0 public0 and0 the0 scientists,0 and0 encourage0 them0 take0 science0 as0 their0 career. Leading0 at0 the0 forefront0 of0 science0 communication0 in0 South0 East0 Asia,0 the0 National0 Science0 Muse-

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