Statistics analysis on type, scale, benefits of science centers in China// ZHU Youwen, CAI Wendong

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First-author's address China science and technology museum, Abstract The key factor which leads to confusion at the quantity of science centers in china is that the nature of a science center is not defined clearly. After science centers are divided into several types based on survey data and functions, as well as social benefits of different science centers are analyzed, the paper proposed that a science center can be recognized as a truly science center and a science center with remarkable social benefits only when it meets National Standards for Science

Centers. On this basis, the relationship is clarified between construction scale and economic performance in order to reveal the fact that oversize and undersize could cause certain science centers to be in bad shape. It is recommended that local government should determine whether the city is suitable for the construction of science centers according to National Standards for Science Centers,

’ and then tightly restricts the science centers size. Keywords science center, type, scale, benefits, statistics analysis

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