Telling stories in the exhibitions: strategies for museums to be close to and educate the public// ZHU Youwen

Science Education and Museums - - 人的轨迹。 -

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Abstract How to make the museum ’ s exhibition attract the interest of the public and bring better effect on display and education is the question that the museum must take into consideration in order

“” to implement the idea of human-centered and take education as the primary function. In combination with relevant domestic and foreign discussions and cases, the paper analyzes why the exhibition needs to tell stories. Telling stories in the exhibition can make the content of the exhibition

’ easier to understand and arouse the visitors attention, curiosity, intelligence and emotion, establish the connection between the exhibition designer and the visitor, as well as deepen the ideological and cultural content of the exhibition. It analyzes the exhibition should tell what kind of stories, and suggests the stories in the exhibition should be people-oriented, emotional, with some plots, and have profound connotation which can organically integrate with the plot.

Keywords museum, exhibition, telling stories, necessity, feature

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