Conservation and utilization of Qingdao Germany Prison Site

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LIU CHEN Qingdao legal education base (the museum of germany prison site in qingdao) Abstract Qingdao germany prison site is a theme museum which specializes in the relics and the site. it has been repaired with high standards. the exhibition is run with high quality. the operation is organized with regulations. qingdao germany prison site provides a good example for the conservation and utilization of the historical relics and also a successful exploration about methods for a theme museum to serve the public. Keywords Qingdao germany prison site, museums, conservation and utilization

Communist Party of China played a great important role in the conservation of the museum. It paid a lot of attention to culture sites conservation, stressing that the policy must be forward-looking and an overall conservation plan is necessary. Qingdao then won the title of "National Famous Historical and Cultural City" in 1995. After0 that, Municipal Committee set a specific chapter about the protection of historical and cultural cities and urban scenery in the Overall Plan for the Qingdao City. All the measures taken by Municipal Committee provide a proper environment for historical sites conservation including Qingdao Germany Prison Site.

’ Qingdao National People s Congress prevented the prison site from being destroyed. When Qingdao Germany Prison Site had been no longer functioning as a jail, it was sold to a real estate agent who would rebuild this area followed by the city plan. However,

’ Qingdao National People s Congress, the highest organ of the city power, suspended the project. 33 representatives of the people's Congress deputies jointly introduced a bill that we should protect the site which has both historical value and art value or we would suffer the irretrievable loss that the city would lose a symbolic feature. According to the proposal of the Qingdao Mu

’ nicipal People s Congress, and came to a conclusion that the conservation of historical site cannot be valued with commercial standards. Then the Qingdao

’ Municipal People s Congress relisted the prison site into the protection name list. The Mayor Xia Geng held a meeting to discuss a plan for the refurbishment of the prison site, aiming at combining protection with tourism.

The public full involved in the conservation. Under0 the0 leadership0 of0 Comprehensive0 Management0 Office,0 a0 joint0 committee0 combined0 with0 90 related0 departments0 achieved0 designing,0 constructing,0 supervising,0 and0 exhibiting0 by0 inviting0 bids.0 Over0 200 museums0 from0 domestic0 and0 overseas0 offered0 their0 sup- ports0 to0 its0 construction.0 Experts0 specialized0 in0 construction;0 designing0 and0 history0 became0 a0 consultant0 group0 to0 offer0 professional0 suggestions.0 More0 than0 1800 insiders0 who0 had0 had0 some0 contact0 and0 understanding0 of0 the0 prison0 site0 had0 provided0 information,0 donated0 information,0 and0 provided0 advice0 and0 suggestions.0 This0 made0 the0 previously0 isolated,0 previously0 unknown,0 old0 and0 missing0 information0 prison0 site0 used0 for0 only0 two0 and0 a0 half0 years0 to0 complete0 the0 overall0 repair0 and0 the0 first0 stage0 of0 the0 exhibition.

Use0 is0 the0 best0 protection0 for0 the0 building.0 However,0 the0 prison0 site0 was0 abandoned0 a0 decade,0 with0 weathered0 exterior0 and0 damaged0 or0 missing0 interior.0 After0 the0 refurbishment,0 it0 is0 hard0 to0 imagine0 the0 long0 neglected0 situation.

The0 conservation0 is0 selective,0 which0 sets0 a0 good0 example0 for0 historical0 sites0 preservation0 work.0 The0 prison0 had0 never0 been0 expanded0 when0 its0 exterior0 wall0 was0 finished0 in0 1926.0 However,0 wardens0 in0 different 0 periods 0 crammed 0 26 0 buildings 0 in 0 the 0 area 0 of 0

2 80 2200 m .0 If0 the0 conservation0 committee0 preserved0 all0 the0 buildings,0 the0 museum0 would0 be0 in0 a0 mess,0 which0 would0 visually0 weaken0 the0 importance0 of0 the0 main0 prison0 cell.0 With0 serious0 repeated0 argumentation,0 the0 committee0 finally0 decided0 to0 divide0 the0 prison0 site0 into0 surveillance0 zone0 and0 administration0 area.0 All0 the0 buildings0 in0 surveillance0 zone0 were0 preserved0 while0 temporary0 houses0 built0 before0 and0 after0 the0 founding0 of0 the0 People's0 Republic0 of0 China0 were0 demolished.0 The0 selection0 standards0 involved0 many0 factors;0 it0 not0 only0 values0 its0 construction0 years,0 but0 also0 values0 its0 historical0 values,0 characteristics0 of0 the0 times,0 and0 the0 level0 of0 craftsmanship.0 It0 provides0 a0 typical0 model0 for0 historical0 sites0 conservation0 in0 Qingdao.0

New0 technology0 helps0 to0 repair0 the0 sites0 with0 a0 retro0 way.0 The0 repair0 does0 not0 aim0 at0 rebuilding0 a0

opened the gates on the south and west sides of the seaside promenade. It is adjacent to the bus station and has a parking lot especially for visiting vehicles. The layout of the museum is considerate. When you enter the museum, you will firstly come into the leisure area that occupies over half of the museum and has a greening rate of more than 40%. The layout balances the leisure that visitor pursue for and the features that the sites own. We provide high quality service including sanitary layout, interesting commentaries, high standard security and contingency plans connected with police stations and hospitals.

In order to keep the peace with the development of legal and judicial0 system, the museum has to keep updating.

The museum has to maintain its novelty, so it has to update its exhibition regularly. There are some changes in the next exhibition. Firstly, the history of the development of Qingdao judiciary will add introduction about the records after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Secondly, there will be a new exhibition about history of Chinese legal system. 刘琛 Thirdly, the museum will organize temporary exhibitions, such as inviting other museums to exhibit here and design some new exhibitions as the requests from the city authorities. We hope our guests will have a brand new feeling every time when they visit the museum.

Academic research is also important for the museum development. A museum should have a profound culture background. Qingdao has unique history which can provide large amounts of resources for the museum. In the long run, staffs in the museum have to make effort in collecting historical records and researching the history. The museum has to increase the number of relics and enhance the quality of exhibition. [1]FANG0 Baishou,0 HONG0 Wenwen,0 CAI0 Libin.0 Initial0 Study0 on0 Prison0 Tourism [J].0 Journal0 of0 Zhengzhou0 Institute0 of0 Aeronautical0 Industry0 Management,0 2008(2): 136-139. [2]HUANG0 Shumei.0 Memories0 incarcerated:0 Exhibition0 and0 imprisonment0 in0 the0 colonial0 prison0 museums[j].0 Journal0 of0 Museum0 & Culture, 2014(8): 69-107. [3]SHAN Jixiang. Site Museum of Protective Reuse[m]// Zhejiang Museum. Cultural Relics of the East. Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2011: 5-21. ( 2018-04-19 收稿, 2018-05-31 修回) 作者简介:刘琛( 1970—),女,从事博物馆档案管理工作, E-mail:。

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