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Qingdao Germany Prison Site is a good example of prison-themed museums which is rare in China. Difficulties exist in every step of the museum development like what is the museum designated as, how to use its resources and functions and how to make profits.

The history of the prison site is almost equal to the history of the establishment of Qingdao. It was built in 1900 during the period of German0 invasion

2 of Qingdao, covering over 2 000 m . Afterwards, rulers in every historical period continued to use the building as a prison or detention center and expanded it to

2 8 220 m . It has ceased to function in 1995. After refurbishment, the site opened to the public in 2007 as a theme museum, which lists in National Protection Units of the Key Relics and gained the title of Na- tional AAA Tourism Attractions. It is also approved as the Model Museums for Teenagers by0 both0 Shandong0 Province0 and0 Qingdao0 city.0 In0 the0 last0 three0 years,0 the0 visitors0 and0 economic0 benefits0 have0 been0 increasing0 year0 by0 year.0 The0 museum0 achieved0 the0 record0 that0 no0 complaint0 over0 a0 thousand0 days.

The0 prosperity0 of0 real0 estate0 industry0 causes0 the0 land0 price0 soaring0 up.0 In0 such0 a0 situation,0 it0 is0 no0 wonder0 that0 many0 cities0 turned0 historical0 sites0 into0 commercial0 residential0 buildings.0 However,0 Qingdao0 Germany0 Prison0 Site0 is0 preserved0 and0 full0 used0 as0 a0 theme0 museum,0 which0 thanks0 to0 the0 joint0 efforts0 from0 different0 parties.

Firstly,0 Qingdao0 Municipal0 Committee0 of0 the0 2018, 4(3) Science Education and Museums


prison as same as it is in history, but at repairing what can be done in current situation. In terms of historical records and related people recalling, the museum repair something that existed in history but missed now, which makes sure that all that has historical meanings was preserved. The water dungeon in the main surveillance building which is left by Japanese troops when they invaded Qingdao second time is a good example. The water dungeon is an evidence about the brutality of Japanese troops. The reconstruction uses the international advanced technology to repair the seriously weathered wall and installed geothermal air conditionings produced by America that is environment friendly and economical. The two technologies are first used in Qingdao.

Qingdao Germany Prison Site has strong characteristics. It has 4 features. Firstly, the theme of the exhibition, mainly restoration of the prison accompanied with the history of the modern legal system development in Qingdao, is about judiciary, this makes it become the first judicial museum in Qingdao. Secondly, the exhibition involves a long period of history. It covers 7 historical periods including the time when Qingdao was confirmed as a city, when Germany and Japan occupied Qingdao and when it was governed by the old regime. Every period was showed in detail from politics, military, economy and culture. Thirdly, the exhibition collected some historical records about the period when Germany and Japan occupied Qingdao, which filled the blank in the history. Finally, the exhibiting approaches are various. It is not only showed with traditional pictures, texts, models and real objects, but also showed by virtual reality. The virtual imaging technology used in showing the history of the prison is first applied in Qingdao. attend. The foothold of all its work is to play a good role in social education. For this reason, we attach great importance to strengthening the management and operation of museums in terms of functional orientation, self promotion, and service guarantee. Firstly, the museum should have a public function. When it opened to the public at very beginning, the designers believed the museum should have educational function, relic conservation function and tourism function. This is because the people of Qingdao have written many awesome chapters in the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggle. Many people with lofty ideals have been detained on the site of the prison. The exhibition includes many revolutionary themes about those people, which is an important educational function of the museum to encourage patriotism. We got funds from related departments and conduct regular maintenance on the sites building, which protects the site. The architecture landscape area of the museum was designed as a free tour attraction where tourists can enjoy their time in those historical sites and that is the tourism function of the museum.

Secondly, the promotion of the museum is very successful. The managers took advantages of the educational function of the museum, cooperating with education authorities and schools, attracting primary and middle school students to visit the museum. The museum also attracted troops garrisoning Qingdao and city authorities to visit it. Tourism department made a contribution to the museum promotion. The ticket price varies in season. It costs low in the off-season, has a discount in public festivals, and will be free to special groups like the disabled and low-income people. The museum published books, videos and a documentary about the exhibition to people who cannot be there personally. It also designed a digital museum on its website.

Thirdly, providing convenient, comfortable and safe services is the basic need of the audience. From the convenience of transportation, our museum has

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