Shanghai and Nantong: A tale of two cites in the history of development of early Chinese museums// YANG Zhigang

Science Education and Museums - - 221 -

Author's Address Shanghai museum, e-mail: Abstract Looking back at the establishment and development of early Chinese museums in the late Qing and early republican era, we will discover that shanghai and nantong are equally grandiose and glorious in the history. the status and connection of the two cities constitute unique "a tale of two cities". the author starts from their geography (transportation) and connections (personnel exchanges),/ to analyze Museum Heude, shanghai museum (also known as museum of the north-china branch of the royal asiatic society) and Nantong Museum. This paper involves the following four aspects: the emergence of museum entitles, the role and significance of museology in the practice of early Chinese museums, the call and proposal of insightful Chinese people for establishing museums basing the exploration on ZHANG Jian, the internal connection between the direction of development of early chinese museums and the modernization process of the country.

Keywords Museum heude, shanghai museum, nantong museum, zhang jian

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