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Surrounded by the Davao Gulf, the city is just a 15-minute ferry ride away from beaches edging the

The island is lushly green, with several waterfalls and the

which holds the Guinness world record for having the largest colony of Geoffrey’s Roussette bats. Apart from lounging on the sand, kayaking is a popular beach activity. Smaller isles surrounding the main Samal island include one occupied entirely by the exclusive

which books only one party of guests at a time. is popular among divers, with its coral reefs, while on land sunbathers bask in the seclusion of cool cabanas. But Samal’s most worthwhile visit is the a marine project site for the endangered species, which sit in rows in an underwater garden with a depth of 4.5 metres. Here, visitors can swim, kayak and snorkel in the clear waters.

City of Samal. Bat Cave, Resort, Island Garden Island Buenavista Talikud Island Giant Clam Sanctuary, Monfort 海灘假期

達沃被達沃灣環抱,在此乘搭渡輪只需15分鐘即可抵達 沿的岸 海灘。島上不但綠茵處處、飛瀑高懸,更擁有被健力士世界紀錄確認為全球最多抱尾果蝠棲息洞的穴Monfort Bat Cave。遊客最喜歡在這裡的沙細 海灘上寫意度日,或划獨木舟出海。薩馬爾島對開有不少小島,其中一座被收購後建成Island Buenavista Resort度假村,每次只接待一組賓客。而

的珊瑚礁則是熱門潛水勝地,選擇在岸上曬日光浴的旅客可在涼快的茅屋中偷得浮生半日閒。不過薩馬爾島最值得參觀的景點還是 。這個保育瀕危物種的海洋項目,讓訪客觀賞巨蚌在水深4.5米的海底花園裡排成一列的奇景,同時亦可趁機在清的澈 海洋裡暢泳、划獨木舟和浮潛。

塔里庫德島 薩馬爾島 巨蚌保育中心 DIVERSE CUISINE

Eat like a Dabawenyo, as locals are called. Davao’s seaside location means plenty of fresh seafood, especially local speciality kinilaw na tuna, a dish of raw tuna marinated in vinegar and citrus, and spiced with chillies. You’ll find great renditions of this dish at the shops in

a semi-outdoor compound featuring numerous restaurants and nightly live bands. The

is a popular open-air hangout offering grilled dishes – also typical local fare – served to tables set up in the middle of a road. The hipster crowd is drawn to the cheerful Davao’s latest food park set in a wide courtyard stacked with shipping containers, with pop-art-inspired interiors offering drinks and food ranging from Filipino to Western recipes with a twist. Another hit with the trendsetters is

Matina Town Square, Market Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar,

which serves contemporary southern US food. And you can go upscale in Davao, too, at places like

serving French cuisine in the beautiful Oboza Heritage House.

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