SilkRoad - - 達沃 DAVAO -

This year, country statistics database Numbeo ranked Davao the fourth safest city in Southeast Asia (Singapore came in first). So you won’t feel like you have to look over your shoulder every few seconds and can admire the city’s cleanliness. Davao has invested millions on a state- of-the-art system of security and traffic cameras, using hightech tools to manage public safety and protection. The taxi drivers exemplify the spirit of honesty and safety here: they give back exact change and return items left inside their taxis as a matter of routine.


今達年,沃在全球國家統計數據庫Numbeo的東南亞最安城全 市排行榜上名列第 四(新加坡為榜首) ,因此到訪達沃的旅客毋分瞻須每 每秒 前顧後,提心吊膽,放心欣賞潔淨市容。沃達 市政府已耗資數百安萬,裝頂級保安系統和交通監察攝影機,並使用高技科 工具維持公共秩序安和 全。當地的士司機是當地人誠實可靠的例子,找贖時從詐不使 ,亦不會拾遺不報。


Avid mountaineers can’t help but be drawn to the majestic 2,954-metre

– it’s the tallest mountain in the Philippines, after all. Revered as the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains – apo is a term used in respect for elders – it offers stunning views of the Davao region from the top, with sunrise being the ideal time to summit. It takes one to two days to reach the top, but climbers can draw it

Mount Apo

out much longer to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna, which are protected thanks to the mountain’s national park status. You could also seek out its waterfalls, sulphuric hot springs, cold, clear streams and the popular camp spot

崇山峻嶺 Lake Venado.


的吸引力,畢竟它是全菲律賓最高的山峰達,高 2,954米。這座宏偉的火山被尊崇為菲律賓的山祖(「阿波」在菲律賓語中是對長者的敬稱從) ,巔山 可俯瞰達沃區的壯闊景致,日出時分更美是 不勝收登。 頂全程需要一至兩天,當地因被列為國家公園而受到妥善保護,山上動植物種類亦繁多登, 山客大可放慢腳步,在途上細心欣賞。,此你外 還可尋訪瀑布、硫磺溫泉冷、冽山澗,以及露營熱點 。

山 貝納多湖 阿波火

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