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When you arrive at Davao’s airport, you’ll notice a giant sculpture of a durian that’s been cut open to reveal human figures. Its sculptor is Kublai Millan, whose fame extends to the Vatican, where he installed a nativity scene a few Christmases ago. You can see more of his works surrounding a gallery-like hotel. There are also huge statues of children he created all over

More art can be found at the which provides a rich overview of the city’s history and displays works by local artists. For an outdoor learning adventure, head to

where its Science in the Park programme offers interactive installations for understanding the natural world, while other sections house butterflies and birds.

People’s Park. Museo Dabawenyo, Malagos Garden Resort, 藝蹤處處 Ponce Suites,

甫抵埗達沃,機場 一尊巨型榴槤塑雕 隨即映入眼簾;果實從中央被剖開露, 出內裡的人像形塑。作品雕塑家Kublai Millan名揚四海,遠達梵蒂岡,當地數年前就在聖誕期間豎立他以耶穌降生為題的雕你在塑。 大可猶如藝廊的Ponce Suites酒店外圍找到他的作品,而People's Park公園亦遍佈其巨型孩童雕塑。如果意猶盡未 想欣賞更多藝術,可到訪Museo Dabawenyo博物館,飽覽藝本土 術家的作品之餘,更可仔細了解當地歷史。欲如 透過戶外歷奇增進識知 ,可參加Malagos Garden Resort度假村科的「學在公」園 活動,利用互動裝置了解自然世界在,並 其他園區觀賞蝴蝶和雀鳥。


The must-stop shopping spot is

a complex of stores focusing on traditional-style clothing, bags and home decor. Get ready to haggle over authentic batik cloths, tinalak textiles, bags, malong skirts, brassware, jewellery (South Sea pearls are abundant here) and handicrafts. But if it’s glossy malls you’re after, the biggest one is which includes a convention centre, an Imax cinema and a courtyard fountain with dancing water streams.

Aldevinco Shopping Center, SM Lanang Premier, 盡情購物

Aldevinco Shopping Center購物中心是血拼勝地,琳瑯滿目的商店主打傳統服飾、手袋和家居擺設。場內還售蠟賣染布、tinalak手織布、、手袋 malong彩布半截裙、銅器、珠寶(這裡的南珍海 珠種類繁多)和各式手工藝品,全都是地當特產,而且歡迎殺價。假如你較喜歡華麗的大型商場,可到全城規模最大的SM Lanang Premier商場,這裡設有議會 中心、Imax電影院,還有院庭 音樂噴泉。

Davao is an interesting melting pot of cultures, which includes 11 officially recognised indigenous tribes. These ethnic groups wear traditional attire during the popular

each August. One of the biggest festivals in the Philippines, Kadayawan is a weeklong celebration of harvests and thanksgiving to ancestral spirits. A parade of dancers moves through the streets in competition, followed the next day by a spectacular float procession festooned with freshly harvested crops. A tribal sports festival is another colourful part of the event.

Festival TRIBAL CULTURE 部族文化 Kadayawan

達沃是文化大熔爐,已知的原住民部族就有11個之多年。每 8月,這些族群都會穿上傳統服飾,參與人氣節慶Kadayawan Festival。這個全國數一數二的盛大節日為期一周,慶祝農產豐收,並祭祀歷代祖先列。 隊前進的舞者在街道上比舞,翌日則是奪目的花車巡遊隊伍,車身綴滿新鮮收割的農作物。更期間 會舉行部族運動比賽,氣氛熱鬧。


Bustling Davao also has a very accessible wilder side.

offers whitewater rafting on the Davao River, which is flanked by lush forest teeming with birds and monkeys. The rapids are strong, but anyone over six years old can join in. If you prefer a calm outing, head to the gardens of the a centre that breeds and educates on the national bird, an impressive beauty that’s also endangered.

Adventure Davao Wildwater Philippine Eagle Foundation, 野外風光

達沃雖是華繁 都市,大自然風光卻也近在咫尺。Davao Wildwater Adventure歷奇旅行社提供達沃河激流泛舟之旅,欣賞兩岸的森林景致,尋找棲息其中的雀鳥和猴子。雖然達沃河水流湍急,但滿六歲便可參加。如你偏好恬的戶外活動,可造訪

中心的花園。食猿鵰是菲律賓國鳥,中心透過繁殖及教育工作,致力保護種這 瀕危猛禽。

猿鵰基金會 本地情報 食

’ The region is blessed in so many ways: not just with bountiful fruits, fresh seafood and other local produce, but with rich culture and heritage.

You can enjoy a highland-to-island experience with the marvellous views of Mount Apo and the pristine beach lines of Samal Islands, while also immersing yourself in the culture of its 11 indigenous tribes.‘

Pearl Peralta-Maclang, Director of Sales and Marketing at Marco Polo Davao hotel

「達沃得天獨厚,僅不 擁有各式水果、新鮮海產和當地產品,還有多姿多采的文化和歷遺史 產。你可以一嘗上至高地,下島的至 嶼 種種體驗,欣賞阿波火山的壯麗景色和薩馬爾群島杳無人煙的海灘,風光 同時還可以沉浸在當地11個土著部落的繽紛文化中。」

菲律賓沃達哥馬 孛羅酒店銷售和市場總監Pearl Peralta-Maclang

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