SilkRoad - - 雲南 YUNNAN -

tea cultivation took place in Yunnan province. The Ancient Tea Horse Road, connecting southwest China and the Tibetan plateau, dates back over 2,000 years. Today, old watermills still operate in tea fields seemingly untouched by time, with the exception of roads and speeding cars that cut through the land.

Yunnan’s uniform rows of deep green shrubs have transformed the provincial capital of Kunming into an international trading hub, with buyers from around the world going there for its tea. Its speciality variety, pu’er, has long been thought to safeguard against heart disease and ease digestion. Some vintages command astronomical prices and confer prestige among collectors, the most serious of whom store their precious leaves in wellventilated cellars.


是世界最早種植茶葉的地區,而接通中國西南部和西藏高原的茶馬古道,更可追溯至2,000年前。時至今日,古老水車依舊灌溉著茶園,歲月彷彿不留痕跡,只有大地上縱交的橫 錯 馬路和飛馳的汽車反映時代變。遷

雲南省修剪整齊的蔥鬱灌木,吸引來自世界各地的買家紛紛前往省會昆明,他們對茶葉的需求穩定,令當地成為國際貿易樞紐。雲南盛產的普洱茶一向以消脂解滯、預防心臟病,聞名 有些陳年普茶洱的價錢更是天文數字,深受收藏家尊崇,當中最講究者,更會另闢地窖收藏茶。葉

然而這一趟我遠赴雲南,近距離探究的卻非普洱茶葉,而是當地的咖啡園。這或許有點出乎意,料 但事實上咖啡近年在雲南已成為日漸冒起的,商品 地位跟茶葉不伯亦 相 仲。



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