We select luxury jewellery pieces that embody the year’s biggest trends


SilkRoad - - 薈萃堂 CHOSEN THE FEW -

TWENTY-FOUR-KARAT GOLD jewellery might be the traditionally favoured style in China, but unadorned yellow metal is losing its lustre as younger buyers increasingly prefer diamonds, coloured gemstones, creative designs and precious metals such as platinum. Around the world, interest in international jewellery brands is growing: these companies confer status, and consumers trust them more. Ultimately, the point is to stand out – and you’ll certainly do so with these pieces from some of the world’s top jewellers.


24K 或許是傳統中國人最愛的款式,但年輕買家對這種平平無奇的黃色金屬興趣漸失,轉而追鑽、求 石 有色寶石、新穎設計,以至白金等新興貴金屬。世界各地對於國際珠寶品牌愈來愈趨之若鶩,了為們除 因 它 是身份地位的象徵外,消費者亦對其商譽更有信心。說到底,珠寶就是要讓穿戴者與眾不同,而以下來自全球頂尖珠寶品牌的傑作,肯定能發揮這個。作用

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