Recipe: How to Cook Au­then­tic Qian­jiang Braised Cray­fish


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虾美食100例》告诉你:至少100 种!



Braised cray­fish, gar­lic cray­fish, steamed cray­fish, soy sauce stewed cray­fish … how many dif­fer­ent ways can you have your cray­fish? Ac­cord­ing to the book 100 Types of Qian­jiang Cray­fish, there are at least one hun­dred.

Ev­ery year in many places, all across the na­tion, the cray­fish craze be­gins in March and lasts un­til Oc­to­ber. Imag­ine, un­der the scorch­ing sum­mer sun, with a bunch of friends and few bot­tles of beer, with­out a plate packed to the brim of hot and spicy cray­fish, wouldn’t it be such a shame?

For this ar­ti­cle, our cor­re­spon­dent spe­cially went to in­quire vet­eran head chefs at Qingjiang Cray­fish Col­lege on how to make au­then­tic braised cray­fish.




Main in­gre­di­ent: Cray­fish 1kg.

In­gre­di­ents for mix­ing: oil, salt, sauces, vine­gar, cook­ing-wine, su­gar, gin­ger, gar­lic, gar­lic bulb, pa­prika, Sichuan pep­per, star anise, fen­nel, beer.

Tool: Scis­sors.





第一刀 虾头斜角 45°剪虾头

第二刀 剪


第三刀 剪


第四刀 剪


第五刀 剪虾尾抽虾线

第六刀和第七刀 在虾尾部解开一条缝便于入味(食用时便于剥壳)

步骤二 下锅



上桌前撒葱花15克,芝麻油20克。 Step One: Pre­pare ma­te­ri­als and clean cray­fish.

1. Place your cray­fish in clean wa­ter to rinse. Scrub each cray­fish clean with a brush, place the cray­fish in clean wa­ter again and al­low it to con­tinue to rinse un­til they are all thor­oughly clean.

2. Seven-step cray­fish cut­ting method

First cut: Use your scis­sors to make a cut at a forty-five de­gree an­gle to the head of the cray­fish.

Sec­ond cut: Open the head and take out the or­gans.

Third cut: Cut off the four claws on the left side.

Fourth cut: Cut off the four claws on the right side.

Fifth cut: Devein the cray­fish.

Sixth and sev­enth cut: Make a cut in the tail-side of the cray­fish to let it ab­sorb more fla­vor while cook­ing (while mak­ing it eas­ier to crack­open when eat­ing).

Step Two: Cook

Take your al­ready pre­pared cray­fish and put them into a pan with oil that has al­ready heated to about 300°f (150°c), fry till shin­ing red, af­ter you have cooked them to about medium-well, get a spoon strainer, take them out and drip-off any ex­cess oil.

Take a new pot and re­heat the left over oil adding some su­gar and cook till yel­low. Then add your pa­prika, Sichuanese pep­per, onions, gin­ger, and bulb of gar­lic and fry till aro­matic.

Next put in your medium-well cray­fish with a lit­tle Bai­jiu, a bot­tle of beer, veg­etable oil, sticky chili bean sauce, sweet soy­bean sauce (made from fer­mented flour) and mix in.

After­wards add your salt, chicken essence and bone broth for tast­ing. Lastly, put on a lid and seal it up nice and tight to braise for twelve to fif­teen min­uets.

Start with a slow low heat to braise the cray­fish and then when it’s al­most done turn up the heat to re­duce the broth. Take the pot off the heat and plate.

Be­fore serv­ing, sprin­kle 15 grams of chopped spring onions and 20 grams of sesame seed oil over the cray­fish.

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