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Some peo­ple are like Wi-Fi, even if you go far away, as long as the pass­word hasn’t changed, the next time you meet you’ll con­nect auto mat­i­cally.

—Des­tiny is the in­ter­link­ing of hearts



My mom’s big­gest achieve­ment in her life is be­ing able to use delicious food to con­nect our en­tire fam­ily, no mat­ter where you are.

—The longer you’re away from home, the more you miss the fla­vors of home.



Amer­ica: Women aren’t al­lowed to do this work? That’s sex­ist! China: You’re mak­ing women do this work? That’s sex­ist! —Chi­nese/Amer­i­can Dif­fer­ences美国:这活不让女的干?你歧视女性!中国:这活你让女的干?你歧视女性! ——中美差异 The 70’s gen­er­a­tion aren’t will­ing to farm, the 80’s gen­er­a­tion don’t know how to farm, the 90’s gen­er­a­tion don’t even talk about farm­ing. It seems you can hardly even find any­one un­der 55 in the fields these days!

— Re­flec­tion from a Party Branch Sec­re­tary in Yan­jin County, He­nan



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