An Icy Re­al­ity


Special Focus - - Contents - Lyu You 吕游

In the win­ter, the seal needs to dig a hole on the ice so that it can breathe out of the wa­ter. The po­lar bear found out this se­cret. In or­der to catch the seal, it hides near the hole, and al­ways achieves its aim. Later, to es­cape from the po­lar bear, the seal digs many holes on the ice. As a re­sult of the holes, the po­lar bear feels con­fused, and doesn’t know which hole the seal will come out of. Some­times, the po­lar bear waits a whole day with­out any suc­cess.

This strat­egy re­flects the plight of the in­for­ma­tion age. Things are strange in the mod­ern world. When the only one is true, it is easy to find. But when there are many false ones, it is hard to find the true one.

(From Think­ing and Wisdom, Issue 17,2016.Trans­lated: Liu Yi )




(摘自《思维与智慧》 2016 年第17 期)

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