The Long­est Toe Learns Pain First


Special Focus - - CONTENTS - Chen Chun­hua 陈春花

Arob­ber man­aged to rob a bank with a gun. The po­lice ar­rived when he was about to es­cape. Soon he was forced into a cor­ner. All at once, he caught a boy as his hostage.

See­ing it, the po­lice im­me­di­ately tried to calm him, guar­an­tee­ing that ev­ery­thing can be set­tled through ne­go­ti­a­tion. Then, with his gun press­ing against the boy’s head, the rob­ber shouted: “Give me a car, or I will kill him.”

The po­lice replied: “We only have po­lice cars, by which you can­not make your es­cape. I have to ask for in­struc­tions to find a civil car for you. So please give me some time.”

Right this mo­ment a white car made a turn at an in­ter­sec­tion in the dis­tance and came over slowly to­ward them. The rob­ber changed his mind and took the boy to the road. As the car came near, he raised his gun, yelling at the car: “Stop, stop!”

Then some­thing un­ex­pected hap­pened. The car didn’t stop. More­over, it ac­cel­er­ated sud­denly to­ward the rob­ber. Fright­ened by this, he threw the gun with a cry and rushed to the road­side, rolling and crawl­ing. Mean­while, the car swerved to avoid the boy and crashed into a guardrail.

The po­lice came up and sub­dued the rob­ber in­stantly. It was not un­til the rob­ber was caught that the crowd re­al­ized what had hap­pened and ap­plauded.

The po­lice picked up the gun only to find it a toy gun. Thanks to the buffer­ing of the guardrail, the car was not badly dam­aged. Then, the door opened, a young woman stum­bled out.

A po­lice­man looked at the brave girl with ap­proval. He gave her a thumb up: “But for your help, we can’t seize him. But...” the po­lice­man added se­ri­ously: “It is too dan­ger­ous to do so. For­tu­nately it wasn’t a true gun.”

The girl who had hardly re­cov­ered from the shook kept pat­ting her chest un­til she calmed down. Then she replied with a trem­ble in her voice: “Sorry, Sir. I…

I stepped on the gas by mis­take.”




正在这时,一辆白色轿车从远处路口转过弯,缓缓地朝这边开来。劫匪眼前一亮,不再理会警察,拖着人质来到路上。等小车开得近了, 劫匪猛地抬起枪对着小车声嘶力竭地大喊:“停车,给我停车!”



警察捡起那把枪,发现是把仿真玩具手枪;再看那辆车,由于护栏的缓冲,受损并不严重。这时,车门打开了,一个年轻女子哆哆嗦 嗦地下了车。


姑娘惊魂未定,不住地拍着胸口,待情绪稍稍平复,才颤声说道: “对不起,警察同志,我……我踩错油门了。” (摘自《小小说月刊》2017年第6期)

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